Friday, May 29, 2009

brotherhood of the not traveling pants.

Ooops. I might have only brought my kids one pair of long pants each to the beach. Brought many little short outfits but only one pair of pants. I'm sorry, my bad, I thought is was SUMMER and that the skies had gotten rid of all the rain somewhere between everyday in March and mid-May. So maybe it has only reached 60 once since we've been here. Am I following a rain cloud up the Eastern Seaboard? And maybe my mom has washed said pants each night for the next day... oops.

What is that you say??... Why haven't I used this as a very valid excuse to just go out and buy more pants??? The old me would have totally done that... but there is a recession people :) and I am making an effort to be "frugal." Too bad AJ doesn't read the blog to see this mayjuh effort.

And while we are (not) on the topic of recession, not for nothing, but I also went to Target last week and got out well under 100 bones. I left the receipt on the kitchen table (see this post). Nothing. Maybe he fainted? If there is a next time maybe I will circle the total :)

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  1. I use to often forget things when we traveled and loved replacing with glamourous new finds. Now with having the girls- those days are long gone!
    As for getting out of Target under 100.00- I would so leave on the counter for hubbie to see... he might faint. I tagged you on my blog!!
    Have a fabulous weekend!!
    xx me