Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy, happy, happy birthday to you!

I think 50 cent said it best... "It's your birthday, it's your birthday... party like it's your birthday!" My baby is (almost) one (sniff sniff)! I think Thomas had an awesome first bday party! I was in full freak out mode in the morning as it was drizzling (lots) and I am kinda a control freak and this rain business wasn't part of the my party plan. But after a few prayers and a rain dance, we ended up with no rain (a little muggy but lets face it beggars can't be choosers and I'll take muggy over 12 kids jumpolin-ing in my basement any day). Lots of important visitors were here and some friends from here too. Thomas got spoiled for sure!

My friend Lori made this awesome awesome cake modeled after the Baby Einstein caterpillar. The amazing thing is I have no idea how she had time to do this- she has twin 2 year olds and a new 1 month old! Hello- a shower would be an accomplishment for me let alone making a cake!

My sister brought her jumpoline so we tried to tire the kids out before and after pumping them full of sugar! Then AJ played monster in the middle (where he strategically stood in the middle of the yard and the kids ran and screamed around him. Again, why do I buy toys???) The kiddos painted pots and then planted their (or their mom's) favorite herb to grow at home.

The real bday is on Thursday so we will celebrate again then!


  1. Adorable! Glad the weather cooperated!

  2. That sounds like a perfect birthday party. I just love all the photos..this party is so fabulous. I am glad that it did not rain and all went well. Great JOB MOM! This could be features in Martha Stewart Living.

    xxxxx me