Saturday, May 23, 2009

summer summer summer- time!

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It's here! It's here! Summer is FINALLY here! And even mother nature got the memo cause the sun is a shinin'! Aje is off to golf at o' dark thirty and the boys and I are headed to the pool. And don't think I haven't said, "stop touching your brother or you are not going to the pool!" 17 times this AM and it's only 7:30! This little threat (That just for the record, is so empty it is not even funny. I could never deliver on cause I am as excited as they are to get out in the sun!) might be resulting in better behavior than Santa threats. Had I known how well this pool threat was going to work I would have been throwing it out WAY sooner! I know Jack is going to be a water rat and given his lack of fear, his swimmies will be put on in the car and not taken off until we leave the pool premesis. I can't wait to see what Thomas thinks of the water and all the kids to watch play.

And, not for nothin', around oh, 1:30, I should be poolside by myself with my first Pool Read (Social Climbers) in hand. Is 1:30 too early for a Skinny Girl Margherita to wet the palette?? I think not! Aje will meet us for lunch and then take those sweet and tired kiddos home for naptime. Which does make him pretty much awesome, but let's not kid ourselves, THEY WILL BE NAPPING... does it get much easier than that!? ;)

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