Thursday, May 14, 2009

squeaky clean

Do you know what type of "learner" your spouse is? Apparently this is THE MOST important question to ask prior to marriage if you would actually like to run a productive household. Now my husband is not dumb by any stretch of the imagination... he has his freakin' PhD for crying outloud. For the record, he is a visual learner. This means that when I only want one child bathed while I run errands I should write it on a piece of paper and staple it to his forehead instead of looking at his face and saying it outloud. When it comes to listening vs. hearing... opportunities for improvement, my dear, opportunities for improvement.

As the story goes... Yesterday I went to COSTCO while AJ stayed at home and did the book, bath, bed routine. Upon leaving, I let him know that Jack was rolling around in the sandbox and went straight to the bath post playground fun but Thomas could use a bath. Ok? cool. Off I go on my merry way. Fast forward to post errand running. I go to give Jack a kiss goodnight and his hair is wet.
me: "Um, Jack, did you take a bath tonight!?"
J: "yes."
me: "Oh you got in with Thomas? That's fun"
J: "No just me"
me: "What? Ok, love you, goodnight"

So he washed the wrong child, but I should be happy at least one of the boys is extra clean, right.? Right.

Not for nothing, I went to COSTCO, Acme and Walmart in one evening... which would have taken me three days with the kids - so while I have one extra clean child and one extra dirty child I am thankful and appreciative for the 2 hours by myself to run errands... after all Mother's Day is over... back to at least one child in the shower with me at all times...

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  1. Oh I LOVE this story. This is my hubbie. He is very bright and accomplished. HOWEVER..when it comes to him "doing my job" ... he is lost. I will say something several times, write it down and some how it goes over his head. I then, like you are just thankful for what little time I had to get things done. Thank God for MOMS!! Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. I am so loving yours.
    Have a great evening!!
    xxx me