Saturday, March 27, 2010

a little of this and that...

  • I think my husband just insinuated, "Pfewf, the kids are all over me, it's 8AM and I finally got to go to the bathroom (by himself)!" Uh, I'm sorry, are you looking for sympathy? Because I haven't gone to the bathroom by myself since 2005... it's 2010. No sympathy here. none. zippo. zilch. The only thing I am feeling is jealousy and slight annoyance, because you actually DID go to the bathroom by yourself.
  • I found my vaccum attachments.... you'll never guess where... on the vaccum. WOW! Never thought to look there. I secretly think jack got them out from under his bed and put them back and then poof! Mommy look they're right there!
  • Just like potty training jack is- magic!- reading. I think it is part reading and part memorization but we'll take it. This is the first book he read: There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed Fly Guy. Such a great series for early readers.

Friday, March 26, 2010

st. anthony...

Why am I so annoyed that I can find my vaccum attachments? Doesn't this mean that I "can't" clean my house? I am more than sure they were used as swords somewhere by my two cherubs... i need to think like a 4 year old and I bet I will find them.

St. Anthony, St. Anthony please come around something is lost and cannot be found. St. Anthony, St. Anthony please come around... there are millions of dust bunnies on the ground.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

finally recovered...

i think i have finally recovered from the first round Richmond loss in the tourney... my bracket hasn't but I have.

I think i have finally recovered from the barfs that struck our house and took us down... started with Thomas... somewhere in the middle included me in my bra and underwear when the post man arrived at our door... and ended with changing jacks bed about 5 times.

And... just when I think I might have recovered from the adjustment of getting back to work/getting the kids back to school/and the barf laundry clean... what arrives in the mail today... Season Three of Mad Men... i am sure this is not going to increase my blogging because I'll be "busy" (read: sitting my derriere on the couch watching Mad Men Season Three!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

spider born and spider bred...

and when I die, I'll be Spider dead. So Rah Rah for Richmond, Rah Rah for Richmond...Hip hip hooray!

Every 10 years or so we make it to the Big Dance. Did I hear the sportscasters predicting Richmond to go to the Elite Eight. Be still my beating heart.

I am getting the boys ready... Richmond Flag flying, Tshirts cleaned, fight songs memorized... Watch out St. Mary's here we come!

Friday, March 12, 2010

hypothetically speaking....

just for the record, if your 20 month old locks himself in the bathroom, it is actually not best to try and unscrew the door knob, but jimmy a credit card instead... not that I know from personal experience or anything...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dear Thomas,

I didn't really have you climbing out of your crib and landing on your head on my list of things to do today. Thank you for adding to the productivity of my day. Maybe next time you could try to climb out just a little earlier and not when we are walking out the door to get Jack from school.

I am glad your heart can be won with fruit snacks and cookies. Doesn't look like you have managed to seriously hurt yourself. Nice Work.

Note to self: Add big boy bed to our ever growing wish list

Love, mom

Monday, March 8, 2010

haircut boy.

Boy O Boy what a drama-rama I have on my hands... You would have thought he was getting viles of blood drawn at the Barber Shop today.

But despite the wriggling/screaming/head flinching, I think it turned out cute--- it makes him look too old, but cute none the less! (made me giggle just a little that we were this young guys first customer of the week! Oops, sorry about that- cheers to having your most difficult customer to start your week... the good news Mr. Haircutter Man, is that your week can only go up from here!)

Friday, March 5, 2010

not sure we'll be asked to do commercials for Pedialyte

any time soon! I have been trying to get Thomas to drink the P-lyte since he has pneumonia. Poor friend has has such a tough go round this winter. Just one more reason I need Spring to come!

This is his feedback...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

tis the season...

for American Idol... Is it me or are the judges tres grumplestiltskins this year?? I mean they did pick these folks right? Surely they saw some redeeming quality in more than one of them?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

it's funny what a part time job can do for you.

soooo. last week I had a very important job with 2 (sometimes a little high maintenance and demanding but oh so loving) clients.
My two "clients"

This week I still have that job, but am also back to work for my old company! Can I get a "Whoo Whoo"!? After me badgering them once a month ;) to come back, they (finally!) contacted me on Friday and need some help with recruiting. I am THRILLED to help them out, in fact, today I felt like I should pinch myself because it is the PERFECT balance for me. I'll work when the kids are napping and a few hours at night/weekends/whenever there is a quiet moment. I can even continue to pick Jack up from school. So yesterday I quickly had to throw on my grown up pants and prepare to negotiate salaries as opposed to negotiating additional desserts/shows/minutes in the bath, but I couldn't be happier. It might just be for a short stint, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Without getting too much on a soapbox, I think it is sometimes hard for women in our generation. The woman's movement provided us a world in which we can "do" and "be" anything. Many of my mom friends and I have spent the greater part of a decade working really hard to achieve success in the workforce. Typically 10 years + is enough time to achieve some pretty great goals. There was a time where I drank fancy coffee and wore "chi chi" shoes and carried cute purses (if that doesn't make me sound superficial, i don't know what! but you get my drift!)! In my new "position" (aka mom) I am always drinking (ghetto) coffee, in gym shoes and am lucky if I remember my diaper bag -ha! One day in August of 2005 my life was changed forever and I gradually (3 days a week to 3 afternoons a week to no afternoons or mornings a week) bowed out of the workforce. The problem is, I felt like I left part of my identity there- my heart didn't want to be there full time but a part of me did. My "new jobs" were not necessarily my strong suit- laundry, cleaning, diapers, dishwashers. However, there were a lot of the parts of my new job description I did love- my kids, crafts, playdates, blogs, volunteering at school, Regis & Kelly-- ok so maybe everything but the cleaning is pretty fun! I can't think of a bigger blessing than being home with my boys--there is nothing that can replace watching your children grow, an unsolicited hug or the pitter patter of little crazy T. This is the life I have always wanted, I just didn't realize I would miss my old life as much as I did. Anyways... Did you know a part time job is a little bit like a prescription for Wellbutrin! That's all.

Monday, March 1, 2010

reached a new low.

we got this as a gift for someone's birthday. I don't think "someone" reads the blog but just in case they shall remain nameless.
Well today at nap time I noticed that it had a "try it" feature....and, I'm hooked. I've been "trying it" all afternoon and now have a personal best of 68... i hope to beat it by bed time and I REALLY hope the Easter bunny has started reading my blog and brings me one for Easter. :) It's only 15 bones at target. and no I am not getting a free one for posting this.

it's March!

... and you know what that means... (Yes, theoretically it SHOULD stop snowing)... but more importantly....

only 22 more days until Mad Men Season 3 is released! Wahhoooooo.

getting creative...

This is what we have resorted too... painting the snow.... (Yes, we still have THAT much snow...)

Spring... HURRY and get here before I lose my mind...