Saturday, February 28, 2009

Did I Stutter?

Does it count as a first word if Thomas babbles "DaDa" when looking in AJ's general direction?

*just in case... 2.27.09

Thursday, February 26, 2009

T-man had his first date with Baby Anna yesterday! It was such a treat to have Texie and Anna come spend the day with us! Anna is the sweetest and most beautiful little girl eva! Lucky T-man! Anna's daddy says no dating until she is 30 but maybe when he sees how sweet they are together he will re-evaluate??? Baby Anna thought the boys were hilarious and Auntie Tex did not dissapoint. She knows just the way to make my three year old still be talking about her in the the next day... Spiderman and Transformers... I am more than certain we scared her into having only one child as 10 minutes after her arrival I had to leave to go get Jack because he lost a fight with the boat on the playground at school. Nice busted up lip and cheek.

There are some friends that you can spend the whole day with and still have things to debrief this morning on our coffee chat... these friends are the best!

Run, Don't Walk.

Run, don't walk, to your DVR and set a series recording for Real Housewives of NY (RHONY). Ummm, can you say TRAIN WRECK!? Oh, I love it so.... Hours of my life I will never get back but SO entertaining.

* pic courtesy of hulu

Bethany is my favorite. Who's yours??

I made a mistake.

I made a mistake, a terrible, no good, never to be forgotten mistake. Shortly before Jack turned three, maybe like the day before he turned three, I might have uttered something to the affect of "the two's were a joke." Maybe, just maybe, I said it out loud in the company of others. Maybe, just maybe, the god's of year three heard me and laughed out loud. Maybe, just maybe, I have been paying for it ever since.

Three is the new two, you know, right... I have read a bunch of books and the only one that has seemed to work for us is 1,2,3 Magic. It is a nice little theory that takes the emotion out of disciplining. It works fine if you are the most patient person on the planet and have no temper that beats you to rational thinking. I am Irish. By default, I have a temper. Maybe my temper wins sometimes... I'm just sayin'.

Thomas is NEVER allowed to turn three.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Houston We Have a Problem

Are you kidding me that I just got called upstairs because, "Mommy, we have a problem." Ummmm.. Since when is picking your nose and getting a gigantic boogie on your finger a problem? Sounds like a bad habit to me.

Note to self, if tomorrow night we get the call, "Mommy, we have a problem" make Daddy go up!

**as an aside, is me blogging about my children and their antics what is eventually going to put them into therapy? Will Jack go to 5th grade and some dude is going to pull up my blog on their laptop and start busting on him for picking his nose when he was three? Well annoying 5th grad boy, at least he didn't wipe it on the wall or headboard! Maybe I should start changing names to protect the (not so) innocent :) ha.

Beyonce is the new Raffi

Beyonce or bust at our house... is my son really walking around the house singing, "If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it!" Really??? What ever happened to Raffi? Oh, right. This is probably my fault. Hmmmmm.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back in "the Will"

My Nana always jokes about different things that you might do that will get you "written out of her Will!" I am quite certain I have never come so close to being "out of the will" as with lagging on Thomas' Baptism. I am sure that her children never left the house without being baptized.

Life has just been crazy for us since moving three weeks after Thomas was born. We are just now, post the holiday craziness, getting settled and on a routine in our new home and surroundings and thus my NINE MONTH OLD has just gotten baptized! (And really by the skin of his teeth too as they won't Baptize during Lent-- which starts this week!) He almost walked himself up to that alter! ;)
We had a great weekend. Lots of visitors and fun with our families. Here is a pic of the T-man in his Baptismal Gown- not to be confused with a baptismal dress as Finkle likes to call it. I was so worried he wasn't going to fit in it because I had dilly dallied so long getting it scheduled. Jack, my mom, my Nana and I all wore this gown so it was important to me that Thomas wear it too.

Oh, no he di'int!

Oh, Jack. It is a darn good thing you are cute sometimes. Earlier last week Jack got a puzzle game for some reason that I can't remember why- (see, I should have started this blog earlier and I would remember what he did that was so fabulous that he deserved a new game). Carrying on. When we get a new game here at our house, first we have to play with all the pieces because we get so excited we can't concentrate on the rules of the game. So I set aside the instructions for a another day.

Insert OCD daddy that can't have "useless" paper around. Daddy, thinking he is cleaning up, rips up the directions and throws them in the trash. Jack finds said directions and proceeds, like every three year old would, to have a meltdown. I believe it went a little something like:
Jack - "DADDY WE don't throw away 'constructions'. wehhhhhhh."
AJ - "Jack, Mommy read the instructions. She knows how to play the game. She'll teach you."
Jack - 'incoherent toddler whining'

I ask why Jack is so upset only to find out AJ threw out the instructions to our new game that, just for the record, we DO NOT know how to play. AJ tells me about the above instruction incident and I let him know we actually do need those ripped up instructions from the trash. Yes, the directions sandwiched between the rotting banana and dirty diaper.

Jack says, "I WAS RIGHT. You were WRONG. Daddy, go sit on the stairs." (The timeout spot of choice at our house is the first stair.) Like a good sport, Daddy goes to sit on the stairs and gets up prematurely. Jack who has resumed watching his Curious George video hears Daddy get up from the stairs and peaks his head around the corner using an accusing tone (most definitely NOT taught by his mother), "Um, excuse me, Daddy, did I tell you to get up yet?"

Oh, no, he di'int.
Its official, mes petits choux, we have a blog! I do believe I 'delivered' part of my brain while birthing Jack in 2005 and haven't been able to remember most thing since! It has become increasingly apparent as Thomas is hitting many milestones that Jack did in his first year and I can't remember without my barely legible scribblings in Jack's baby book. We all know second children have a baby book, it's just never written in. My hope is that through this blog we can update our family and friends, and also create a memory of life here in Crazyville (AJ wanted me let you know he happily goes by Finkle -- the Mayor). These days are so precious and so fleeting that I want my boys to remember the routine of life as we know it! And, let's be honest, you know there will be a post or two about some celebrity gossip of some sort-- I mean that is, after all, a may-juh part of our life-- ha! I am not much of a grammar queen, so if you are looking for subjects and predicates to match-- I'm sorry, you won't find that here. You might not even find the appropriate capitalization... just want expectations to be clear, my dears!

I am happiest when being mom to my boys. They keep me laughing with their antics every day. Somedays I feel like we are one clown short of a circus, but I wouldn't change it for the world.