Tuesday, April 28, 2009

movin' on up

I wish that I had the camera strapped to my hip when I found thomas on Stair No. Three today.
Who does he think he is... does he know that while Spiderman is practically a part of our family-- he ain't real and he is most certainly not showing up to save him from the fall from Stair No. 4?

Time to break out the gates... oh how i hate the baby gates, but not as much as I hate finding my child on Stair No. Three. Gates it is.

three going on eight

We pretty much go to the gym at some point each week. Jack loves it cause usually this means he gets to play super heroes with the older boys whose imagination and knowledge of super heroes are WAY cooler and more advanced than mine will ever be.

Me: Jack let's get ready to go to the gym.

Jack (all kinds of excited): Ok let me get my video game.

Me: Uh, you don't have a video game. You are three.

Jack (showing me the below): Yes I do. This is my W DS (which I think is supposed to mean Nintendo DS or maybe he is right and I am just that big of an idiot.)

Me: of course you need your video game. How silly of me to forget you have a W DS.

Clearly this is not a video game but an animal rescuer badge, duh. But to my sweet little three year old it is his video game... his W DS. Oh dear... I am not sure how to tell Jack that the big kids will not think his fake video game is as cool as his mom does? And I am not sure how I can stop him from growing up so fast....

Monday, April 27, 2009

life in philly

One of the best parts about living in Philly is getting to see more of Mom Mom and Pop Pop. We had a delish dinner at their house last night. Mom Mom's ziti and meatballs are to die for! Thomas loves them (no shock there) and even jack gobbled them up (so maybe there was a promise of an ice cream sandwich). Thank you Mom Mom!
*pic courtesy of dinewise.com

Mom Mom's Meatballs
1.25 lbs ground beef (roughly)
1.25 lbs meatloaf mix (roughly)
2 eggs
~ 1 cup milk
onion salt, pepper, parm cheese Italian seasoning, garlic powder (eye ball it) and other tasty seasonings that strike your fancy (I am certain this is why mine never taste as good as hers!)
2-3 slices of bread
italian breadcrumbs (enough to soak up most, but not all, mixture)
1 lg jar Prego
1 small jar Ragu
1 tbsp butter
1 tsp sugar

Into a large bowl, break two eggs. Add milk. Whisk that mxture with a fork and add a bunch of onion salt, some pepper, some parmesan cheese, some Italian seasoning, a little garlic powder and about 2-3 slices of bread. Then add Italian breadcrumbs so that most but not all of the mixture is soaked up. If it gets too dry add some milk. Add ground meat and mix throroughly with hands (eww!)

Mix large jar Prego and smaller jar of Ragu into a large pot. Form small meatballs with hands and dump them RAW into the sauce. They will cook as the sauce simmers. When all the meatballs are in, add butter and sugar to the sauce. Turn heat to a slow simmer, cover the pot and let it simmer for 2-3 hours. Try to stir periodically (while being very gentle to the meatballs... they are fragile! We don't want any of those tasty little buggers to be tempted to stick to the bottom of the pot.)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

date night

We have not had a date night with just the two of us in forever. It was nice to catch up with my husband and partake in some much needed laughter. Yes, we live in the same house but sometimes it is hard to find time to talk between changing dirty diapers and watching RHONY. Seems as though we have mostly been going out with friends since moving here and we had a gift certificate burning an hole in our pockets to one of our favorite restaurants in the 'burbs, Teresa's Cafe. It has delish italian food right in downtown Wayne. It's a byob, a concept we are still getting used to. We brought a bottle of Sanctuary Cabernet Sauvingnon (Usibelli Vineyards) and if you are into red wine (which I happen to be! who isn't, really), I highly suggest it. And if you're not into red wine, then I am not sure really if we can be friends.
We sat next to this couple who were clearly new parents. How do I know this... well they still bring their child to dinner on their date nights! They haven't gotten sick of her yet! I remember when we used to do that with Jack! I think his first outing was to Comfort with Uncle Al/Auntie Er... Shoving the bucket seat under the bar solicited many strange looks but I am sure he was more than a week old.... maybe??

Friday, April 24, 2009

life's too short, rock it out

today is the most gorgeous day! Praise the Lord! It finally feels like Spring... i had to smile today when I was walking into Jack's school and a mom in a mini-van rolls in totally pimpin' it high school style-windows down, music up and what is playing... oh, that's right kids, a little Lady Gaga-Poker Face... made me giggle and totally made me think I am absolutely not to old to love a Miley Cyrus song.
*pic courtesy of www.funnygalsal.com
Nope, not to old at all... cause I don't have a minivan (yet!)! I think my 8 and 6 year old neices would totally be impressed with my Miley love...

MoMA watch out!

EDS has opened an art gallery! I had a hot date this morning. Jdogs school opened its first 'gallery''. You know exhibiting the likes of Monet, Matisse, van Gogh, Degas, J-dog. I even showered and get into non-workout clothes before 3pm on Friday- unprecedented, I think.

The kids were unbelievably cute and excited to see the parents and show off their work. Made me feel so lucky to be able to attend. I am surprised at how much they learned this week about each painter. Jack was really into it- usually he is mostly into super heroes, pirates, trains and sports so to see this more "cultured" side of him was a bit of a relief.

every mothers famous last words

.....eat your veggies. My kids (and I!) are lovin' these Dr. Praegers "cakes". Of course I neglect to tell them that they are made of spinach. I can only vouch for the Spinach and Broccoli but I really do love them! And only about 80 calories a pop so seems like a good way to get your veggies. Thomas eats them like they are candy and Jack, well jack doesn't eat anything willingly besides hotdogs and pretzels, so the fact that it is less than WWIII to get them down says volumes.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

glory days

T-6 days until we go see..... Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band! Plans are to tailgate with friends and attend Bruce's last concert tour at the Spectrum.
When you ask Jack who his favorite singer is he says, "The Boss". I hope that he plays his favorite song, Mary's Place so that I can call his sweet little self and let him listen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

let's dish on the H-wives

Oh heavens I do LOVE me some TV Tuesdays! And the housewives always bring their "A" game.
  • Luann, lovely, is there a chapter in your etiquette book on how saying the word "like" is annoying as all get out? Because your daughter says it "like" every other word. A bit painful to listen to, if you ask me. And let's face it, you did.
  • Jill "elevator friendly" Zarin held her own with the mean BBC Man. Good job Jill. Mr. BBC man you better check yourself, you were borderline rude to my BFF Jill Zarin. Watch it.
  • Wow, Alex, you are taking "sack of potato's" to a whole new, not so glam, level. Something tells me your burlap will have you at the top of the Worst Dressed in UsWeekly... but you probably subscribe to the thought bad press is still good press!
  • Bethenny, you never disappoint. I mean just really hysterical.
  • Kelly, the "queen of fabulocity" did the unthinkable! Who goes to a party they throw hours late! I love that when you are wearing your next to nothing, risque bunny costume you say "I'm a mom". Yeah, cause I'm a mom too and I can tell you the last time I went out in my "bunny suit"... uh...Never! Also- as an aside, can you let us know who did your boob job because I do NOT want him to do mine. Eek. Perhaps you are trying to get people to look there so that no one notices that you have no personality and an unbelievably annoying voice. If that is the case, nice work.
  • I didn't accidentally forget Ramonn-er. She just annoys me that much.

Again, I need a life.

Tues May 12th - Mark your calendars! Real Housewives of the Dirty Jerz.

ebay finds...

Sare! Look what I found! And only 36 bones. Betsy Bug Designs on ebay. Supa cute stuff for both boys and girls. You can custom order with your childs name and in a variety of colored fabrics... I think they are adorable (I should be getting a commission, Ms. Betsy Bug).

*pic courtesy of eBay Betsy Bug Designs

Listen, when your husband only gives you 2 years to dress your boys unbelievably adorable and classic (or in my husbands opinion, like girls) you've gotta act swiftly!

inside voices...

Jack: "Thomas, you need to use your inside voice or mommy is going to send us to the moon!"
* pic courtesy of http://www.saplings.ca

Mom (to myself): Well if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black.

Boys... the moon ain't ready for you two!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

play on, playa.

J-dogs most recent obsession is Geotrax... and on this rainy, yucky, no good, very bad day, Geotrax is have three words for you - I. LOVE. YOU.

He has been imagining and playing with his friends Old Rust and Tex the Cowboy (not for nothin' but Tex is not to be confused with Auntie Tex our friend- he noted). Geotrax will probably make "Top 5 Reasons I Will Not Post My Child on eBay Today" (in the event that social services is a private follower of my blog -lol- I am joking... i would never actually post my child on eBay, however on some days the thought does cross my mind, but only for a second).

Play on, playa.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

to be 17 again...

Jonas Brothers 3-D (joking) was sold out tonight so instead I went to see (read: my sister drug me to) 17 Again. I had to call my husband and let him know, just in case the bank called, I had put a down payment on a small popcorn (I hardly ever go to the movies and never get popcorn when I do, so you could imagine my face when the kid said $6, ma'am!). Correct me if I am wrong, but that might be the greatest markup of all time. How much could little popcorn kernels possibly cost?

My "not so little" sis loves a good teen flick and to be honest despite my fun making it was an entertaining movie. I would actually recommend it if you are into that lighthearted kinda thing.


This is how I found my child napping today. Just one of the million ways he makes me laugh everyday.


I went to Target to buy formula and accidentally came home with these (among some other not so necessary items. Why, oh, why can't I get out of that store with out dropping 100 bills!) I thought they looked a little JCrew without the hefty price tag.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the housewives...

Omg the housewives. I love that my husband humors me and pretends to care about my housewives banter. I think he not so secretly loves the housewives drama-rama as well. Or at least he likes to pretend to do his work whilst I watch it. He is the best.

He is the best like Jill Zarin is the best.... I mean who else can throw in, "Does he have a big PP (Private Plane people! Get your minds out of the gutters!ha!)" into a Traditional Home Mag article. I love her. Seriously I think she would be such fun to get a drink o' wine with in some fancy shmance NYC restaurant.

Simon. You're scary.

Bethenny, baby, are you really breaking bread romantically with A-Rod? Really? You're goin' there, huh?

Ummmm raise your hand if you'll give my mom 5 bucks to ask the (soon to be ex) "Countess" if she like Ethiopian food when she is publicizing her book at RJ Julia Bookstore in Madison, CT. Um, mom, I will... do it. Do it.

I think I need a life.

its a...

My sister is having a girl on or around Sept 9th! I am having a neice! Finally a girl baby on my side of the family! Hooray! Let the shopping begin....

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! Makes me want to break out some pink champagne!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

giddy giddy

Yep, these most DEFINITELY make me hope my sister finds out she is having a GIRL tomorrow. Aunt KayKay might just get "baby girl to be" one of each cause they are so stinkin' cute.

*pic courtesy of giddygiddy.com

Monday, April 13, 2009


if these guys don't make you laugh, there is something wrong with you. Picking a favorite song is like picking your favorite child (somedays my kids make this easier than others ha ha.).... but i think this is my favorite (for today).

Flight of the Conchords - Beautiful Girl

hoppy Easter

Happy Easter

masters here we come.

Why do i think that many of my weekends will be spent here. Watching this.

Sweet Baby T just was happy to clap a few golf balls together.

I hope my sons pick some really cool girlfriends that will want to go shopping and get their nails done with me.


ooops. my husband just asked me "if I purchased Switzerland"... Huh, No. "How about Peru?" I guess that means I might have tried to single handedly stimulate the economy this month. Since I don't believe there are any earmarks for my addiction to jcrew, I think I am busted.

Obama you can thank me later. Please send me an iPod like you got the Queen of England. I am the Queen Chez P and I need a new iPod.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

food friday

Sausage Tomato Basil Pie - (as modified from epicurious.com)

8-inch frozen pie crust, baked

1 cup shredded mozzarella 3 sweet Italian sausages, crumbled and cooked (sometimes I use spicy turkey sausage)

4 eggs

1 c. half and half

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon dried red pepper flakes basil

2 Roma tomato, sliced

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Bake pie crust for 10 minutes. Place layer of sausage and cheese in crust. Beat eggs, salt, dried red pepper flakes. Stir in half and half and milk. Pour into pie crust. Place fresh basil leaves on top. Place layer of tomatoes. I cover the crust with foil to avoid burning.

Cook at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until cooked through. Delish.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

winter, winter go away.

It's April, yes? We are approaching the MIDDLE of APRIL, No? Why am I still wearing ear warmers and gloves?

Old Man Winter, please pick up your grey skies, cold temps, assorted shovels, balls, spiderman gear, etc. and go play in someone else's backyard... or no dessert for YOU!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

good friends are like...

"Good Friends are like bras- always close to your heart and there for support!" Sometimes you just need a good debrief with your girlfriends to make you feel like life is normal. Two of our very best friends, G$ and Cha Cha Cha, came to visit this weekend! I forgot how much they make me fall to the ground with laughter... my stomach muscles have not forgotten. So funny that to me that our conversations have turned from who is the hottest player on insert HS sport team to whose child poops the most in a day. Tales from the motherhood were told for sure. One has two kids under the age of one (not twins) and the other is prego with her second. Pair this with my crazy gents and this makes for some very good material. I am glad the craziness we know as life pretty much universal.

Aunt Cha Cha Cha didn't even mind when my pirate, oops I mean child, tied her up. Don't worry - he is a thoughful pirate. Please note: she has two companions, the astronauts. A musical car that plays "who let the dawgs out", and a pee cup. As well as a few boxes and a bag to keep her warm. Oh and a megaphone that did not make the pic just in case he tells her "he'll be in his 'office' if she needs him"!

Friday, April 3, 2009

bathtime fun

My boys could live in the bath. We have a new found love for "shaving cream".

Thursday, April 2, 2009

its no secret to the boys living at my house that I love to entertain. Whether it's pizza, brunch or a formal dinner party, I love when friends come to visit and break bread. I love having people around. And I LOVE my friends Rachel and Juliet's company, Lorcom Lane Designs. Love them. I have a bunch of their stuff: runners, napkins and the like and have never used them without receiving compliments! Perfect housewarming/hostess gifts. My fav is this pattern from their "Dine" collection cause it makes our somewhat bare (until we get "grown up" dining room furniture- hopefully by the time we are 40 I will make a decision) dining room more presentable.
Also am coveting these pillows from their "Nest" collection... how fun to dress up any couch or chair (my boys won't let me dress them up so i have to resort to dressing up my furniture).
You can find them at Lorcom Lane Designs OR their super cute ETSY site. Hurry fast - some of their stuff is 50% off! Happy Spring!