Friday, May 22, 2009

things on my to do list today

Laundry: Check
Eyebrow Wax: Check
Attend Jack's Last Day of School Party: Check
Take my 1 year old for an emergency visit to the pediatric dentist during nap time: NOT ON MY LIST OF THINGS TO DO TODAY!

But... I did it anyways cause I am a good mom like that. My kids are destined to have brown teeth (which for me is like worst possible thing eva). I'm telling ya. Thomas and I were playing a little game of "I'm gonna get you" and my over excited little guy took a tumble and a landed on his teeth (i've tried to tell him "hands, thomas, hands"!) It appeared by landing on said front teeth that they were a little higher in the old gum line than they were this AM. Lots of blood and mom freaking out later we went to see Dr. J. To make a short story longer, they took us right back, evaluated the teeth sitch and came to this... wait and see. They aren't loose, he can't tell at this age if they actually are up any further (that might have been my dramatic eyes) he can't tell if there is nerve damage... they could turn brown tomorrow, in three years, or never (what am I paying them for!? Ha!) Basically the same thing we heard when Jack chipped his tooth when he was two. He did however break that little thing between your lip and gums - whatever, that will heal.

I guess with my boys I should get used to this... by my next one he will likely be lucky to get taken to the dentist... I will just eval myself :)


  1. It sounds like you need to a good night's sleep! I am glad all is well. It sure does take it out of you..when something happens to your little ones.
    Sweet Dreams!!
    xxxx me

  2. We had such a much needed quiet night and early to bed! Thank God my husband is unphased by lots that the boys do and (tries to) keeps me calm amist the calamities (is it weird that I can't use that word without thinking of Bethanney from housewives ha!) Cheers to the first weekend of Summer!