Friday, March 21, 2014


We LOVE Kates teachers Mrs. O and Mrs. L. They are the most caring women I think I've ever met.  She is having the best time and I am having a hard time believing she's ready for school!  I got over that quickly (when she locked us out of the house on the first day of school and I had to push her through the back family room window that happened to be open.  Thank God she is a girl and can focus long enough to meet me at the back door and unlock it! The boys for sure would have found something along the way to play with complicating the situation even more)  I am now enjoying my free time and my tennis game loves that she is in school. 

I love this letter.  They have captured her personality perfectly-- fiercely independent yet so sweet and helpful (in her own time!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Homestead

Over the river and through woods... to the Homestead we go! My sister and her husband were so gracious to invite us to The Homestead with them on President's Day weekend.  I think I started giggling the second we got there and didn't stop until I almost barfed from the windy/icy road home.  It was too much fun had by all.  The kids made the trip so fun by being so good.  My littlest friend got left at home with Nana and Pop Pop and we managed to non stop with older two.

The kids had so much fun ice skating and swimming in the hot springs pool OUT SIDE in the middle of winter.  Is there any thing more fun than that!? Swimming outside... in the winter... minds blown.

The first night the kids went to "kids club" that they deemed LAME!?... Saw that coming.  But the parents went to the dining room that was not LAME at all.  It was so adorable/classy.  Our table was right on the dance floor where there was a three piece band and all these cute people getting up from dinner to dance.  It felt very old fashioned - like I had been transported back in time and was channeling my inner fancy nancy. 

Hot hubbies
Tubing where I was sure one of them (or us) was going to break our necks! You get some speed on those puppies.
 Love these boys
So much fun skiing together.  A run with Auntie Meg.

And of course some skilift selfies    

We had a rocky start to the skiing business.  Fortunately a lot of things have come easy to the kids and let's face it skiing is hard stuff... but once you get it... you got it.  No shock that Crazy T figured it out first.  I got so nervous taking him up for his first big run that I forgot to put the lift gate down and said "hail marys" and "don't move" the entire way up.  My skis gave him a good smack on his fall but he got right up for more. Me - i need to recover from my ride up sans lift gate. I am so proud of them for pushing through the tears and 'owning' that mountain.  I never thought they would be riding the lift by themselves to the top no less.  I lost a few years of my life when AJ took T to the top and he came whizzing down like he was in a downhill ski race at Sochi.  They really rocked it.  And made me smile to see them all encourage each other.  

After skiing these knuckleheads (after a "$5 bet you won't" by the supreme knucklehead) jumped from hot tub to snow.  Cray Cray. 

I wish I had some footage of the lipsync contest - priceless.  It's all about the song choice.  And these kids can pick some songs.  I'm getting my songs lined up for next year.... 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Old Man Winter 2014

I mean if this doesn't sum up January/February 2014 I don't know what does... 

The Winter That Nearly Killed All the Moms

Oh it was fun, oh so fun.  The 5:30am "All Call" messages proclaiming "no school!"... hot chocolate...cozy movie days... 
     Epic snow ball fight.
 Sledding The Mount
My little helper.

And then.... not so much.  The kids don't even want to sled anymore.  And I for sure do not want to shovel anymore.  I really do not want to shovel any. more.  

Expensive Winter

Dear Husband, while you "enjoy" balmy London, I've bought a snow blower and generator. Hurry home before I buy a house in the Keys. 

Xo, k

*AJ has been in London for 3 out of 4 storms this winter.  Coincidence? I'm about to jump in front of a snowplow (kidding).  I love you guys... and I really love playing in snow with you.... but I'd rather play in a pool... on a sunny day... or better yet the beach.  Can we play at the beach?