Tuesday, May 12, 2009

are y'all ready for tv tuesday

I mean stop the madness! Idol, Biggest Loser finale, RHONY bitch fest and RHONJ season opener...All in one night! It's like picking your favorite child (ok maybe i am being a bit dramatic...but it is exciting, no!?) Good thing we have DVR and I don't have pick! And AJ has a work dinner so I seriously am going to sit here in my PJ's, paint my nails and make the goody bags for Thomas' party this weekend.

and not for nothing, while we are on the topic of TV, my sister has informed me that a UR grad is on the Bachelorette which premieres on Monday. I swore it (the bachelor/ette) off... i really did. but I think I get a pass if someone from our school is on... excuses excuses, I know... I can say I won't watch, but I will.

And just for the record, I don't JUST watch TV... I am actually reading a book as well (gasp!)... just wanted to mitigate any concern that I was not cultured. :) In case anyone cares I am reading Chasing Harry Winston. I have so many beach reads to catch up on since I pretty much haven't opened a book (that didn't have to do with childrearing) since Thomas was born...

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  1. Oh.. I have the same book on my bookshelf and have only read the first chapter..you have inspired me go finish reading it! What did you think about the RHONY? Crazy. I swore off the BACHELOR too. They always pull us back in!! Have a great day.
    xxxx me