Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Most days

Most days I am not 'killing it' as being a mom.  Most days we resemble a hurricane of craziness.  Maybe we're over scheduled.  Maybe we need to slow. it . down.  Most days I'm pulling jerseys out of laundry piles... begging my kids to take a shower (because I smell something funky and well to be honest I can't remember the last time they showered but I know it wasn't yesterday)... yelling to turn off the electronics because they've duped me and gone longer again!... hastily "closing' the basement (the basement that we finished FOR THEM, yes that one) for fighting...

But today...Today, the stars have aligned.  My house is clean... People were dressed and ready and dare I say happy for drop off.  The little people all had their appropriate folders and lunches and hats and coats...  There was even fruit on their breakfast plate... and it got eaten! I hope when my kids remember their childhood they remember today and not yesterday or the craziness that is inevitably tomorrow.

So for the 6 days I'm not winning at being a mom.  The one day I am feels GOOD.  REAL GOOD.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where can I find a envelope?

I. Can't. Even.  I can barely get this kid to sit still and read a book for 7 minutes... But suggest he asks the CEO of apple for an iPad cause he has a better chance of that happening than us buying him one... and this is what we get.  Solid effort.  "Mom, did you notice I used two of my spelling words?"


Do you know what I call #winning?  Helping my third grader with his math homework and it not ending in tears.  From him.  Or Me.  Take that Singapore math.  Take. that.

Killing it in 2015.  Killing it. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Be awesome and do awesome.

To my children,

Oh my dear babies... you drive me crazy on most days that end in 'y'.  "I can't find my pants, oh wait here they are in my pants drawer..." "I'm starving, but wait, I don't want what you made for dinner...", "I hate spanish but listen to this Duke's exchange student taught me how to count from 30-50." "AGGGHHHH not church clothes... AGAIN (It's Sunday, isn't it!?)" "Nooooooo! I showered last week!" are only the tips of the iceberg...You should know that your shinanigans have no effect on my love for you because when you are 'wronged' in any stretch of the imagination... I feel it in my core.

If you are reading this, now would probably be a good time to thank your father for "yinging" out my "yang."  For being the voice of reason that saves you from the embarrassment of a mother bear like actions throughout your youth.  He is the calm cool and collective that you need to be your biggest advocate.  He reminds me that life isn't supposed to be perfect and that there are plenty of lessons, big and small, to be learned.  It might sting for a short while but what isn't going to kill you will make you into a stronger much more awesome person.   It is the kids whose parents take care of everything and make excuses for them... that can't cope as adults.  You will not be one of those kids.  So while watching you learn a lesson that truly isn't fair... it's painful for me.  You're going to be great. You're going to turn out just fine. You're going to be awesome and do awesome.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.