Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's dish about the housewives

Why do I love the housewives? Is it because they are a bit ridiculous? yes, probably, but I am going to miss my girlfriends of NYC this summer! I can't wait for the RHONY reunion show- I hear it's quite a trainwreck. And you know how I love a good trainwreck. I have to be honest- I felt a little mislead by the previews for the Bethenny/Jill fight but whatever I'm over it. And I am glad I don't need to worry about my best friends deteriorating friendship over the summer. ha!

Ramoner you are a hot mess (sometimes, I am not sure who is more of a mess you or Simon- but you both are fighting pretty hard for it which makes for some great television). I am not sure Ramoner is the authority on all things "tacky" as she seems to think she is but whatever. Ramoner did you see your hair for the Morrocan fashion show? Oh wait that's not tacky that was just ugly. Hmmm. "Chair dance" much? Now that's tacky.

good Lord Alex.. do you have 1/2 a brain... did you really admit that you haven't invited anyone to the charity event that is a week away at your committee meeting? No you di'int. Girlfriend needs to get her "outloud voice" in check. Are you a fool?? No, you leave that up to your husband. What in the WORLD was Simon (the sixth Housewife) wearing? I don't care if Versace himself rose from the dead to make those pants... ugly is ugly whether it's Versace, D&G or Chanel (although I don't think Chanel is capable of ugly).

Jill tells her daughter she will break out a "pee on a stick" test to see if she has been drinking! Hilarious... I am SO getting one of those in about 12 years. As the boys come home I'll make them pee on a stick to get in the house. Ok, maybe I won't, but I definitely will threaten it.

Thank Goodness the Real Housewives of NJ starts on the 12th or I might actually be forced to... read a book... or get a life. :)

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  1. Don't you love this show. I was on the phone on every commercial with my BFF in Aspen. We are so addicted. Are these people a little crazy or what. What do you think about the NJ one coming? It really is a Mommie recess time! xxxx me