Friday, July 31, 2009

a rockin' Thursday night

I mean do you want to squeeze this little face or WHAT!?

Some pics from the kiddie concert at Wilson Farm Park last night. I didn't realize that we would ALL feel like kids last night... Flash back to "cul-de-sac parties" in Doublegate... the parents were enjoying an adult bev and the Po Po (police, mom) came by to inform us that alcohol was not allowed (even if we were drinking it out of plastic cups- so nice for him to note out ghetto-ness!). I sort of felt like ratting out the other 100 or so people that were drinking wine out of wine glasses but I didn't.

Concert was great fun and the kids had a blast! I think Jack finally went to bed at around 9:45PM! Eeeeeeek. That explains alot about his personality today. Severely struggling.

Now Auntie Meggie is here, thunderstorms are behind us and we are looking at a nice weekend at the pool!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

whining threshold has been reached.

Boys, it is 7:30 and you have already reached the whining threshold for the day. This is not boding well for a happy thursday.

In addition, you seem to be forgetting family rules number 1 and 2.

1) Waking before 6:30 is not permitted AND
2) Only one of you is allowed to cry at a time.

You might want to check the family bylaws before you get voted off the island.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what is going on?

Ugh. Day number 2 this week with all (i say all like i have 5 there are only 2 but it takes me most of the morning to get the two fed and ready to leave the house) the kids fed, packed buckled and happily in car seats only to find out we aren't going anywhere. Monday it was because we had no keys (thanks, Daddy) and today it is because my battery is dead (probably from not being started in 2 weeks).

Makes for a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumpy Mommy. Oh well, worse things could happen.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

going private?

I posted that silly youtube thing and am now a little bugged out about the random traffic it has generated from google searches on the youtube thing. Anyways, I am thinking about going private, since my blog is mostly (aside from the occasional rant about rude rude guys at the gym and the Housewives) is about my kids... let me know if you want an invite.

Monday, July 27, 2009

High Low

High: AJ doesn't have to travel anymore.
Low: todays been totally annoying and it would be a tie between
AJ taking both sets of keys to my car
a conversation I had with a disgruntled geriatric man on the treadmill next to me at the gym. I hadn't talked to AJ all day and our conversation was finishing as I got organized on the treadmill... Unkind Geriatric Man says, "DO YOU MIND. Your not supposed to use those things in here." And by those things do you mean a cell phone (welcome to the 21st century) or iPod. There is a difference and I would like a little clarification if you don't mind. Ugh. "Bye, Aje."

Dear Unkind Geriatric Man Treadmill Neighbor (who I am sure reads my blog),
I wiped off your nasty treadmill since you seemed to forget that is also a rule at the gym, cause I am nice like that. I do like how you have selective rule paying attention skills-- my three year old might be able to teach you a thing or two about that.
Apparently Loud Cellphone Treadmill Neighbor

we're baaaack

home again home again jiggity jig. We're back. Jack was hysterical walking through our house telling everything that he missed it... "I missed you bed...I missed you room!" You wouldn't have known since he was asking to go back to Nana and Pop Pops the whole ride home. Facing a day of unpacking, laundry laundry laundry, and incessant requests for the pool from my buddy... We'll call this Monday... I am sure Tuesday will be more of the same.
*pic courtesy of
Too much to tackle... bday party planning for Jdog seems to be more fun than laundry right now! Calling all super heroes!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

where my girls at?

Is it sad and a little uncomfortable that the only person I could ask the following question to was my husband?

Me: "AJ, I know this is a little weird, but did you see how HAWT HOT HOT the captain of the boat was?"

AJ: Seriously? Is that where your sudden interest in boats came from? blanks stare

Me: don't forget my sailing award from 7th grade... i have always had an interest in sailors (oops, i mean) boats :)

this place stinks

A view from our room:

This place stinks... I sure hope they have E! here.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

the (not so) friendly skies

Not sure where this new found fear of flying has come from... Ever since I have had my kids it really bugs me out.
Camp Nana and PopPop Session II starts today. (Boys please be good - mom, you might not want to take Jack to Iceage 3 until sunday so you can get the most out of using it as a bribe for good behavior!) Forgot there are black beans in your cabinet for t-man.

Hugs and kisses boys! Be good!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

food for thought

Dear Boys,

5:30 is an unacceptable wake up time. I'm just sayin'.

The Mgmt

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday, SUN-DAY!

I typically don't wish for mondays but the current sitch chez P is that we have no electricity (read: no coffee. Mommy NEEDS her coffee and no morning kiddie show for Jack. Jack NEEDS his show!), I have been a golf widow for the past three mornings - (not that I am counting, but since I am not winning Mother of the Year any time soon, I do believe this makes me eligible and a strong candidate for Wife of the Year for sure!), and quite frankly I am running out of tricks up my sleeve to entertain the children...

On the upside, since thomas did not nap AT ALL yesterday, he is still sleeping at 8:20 (unprecedented and much encouraged however; this means I can't even leave the house to get me a starbucks) GRRRrrrrr.....

Anyone want to bring me a starbucks?? Don't all jump at once :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

tree house magic

Best 10 dollaars I ever spent. Today we went with some good friends to Tyler Arboretum. Besides it being a beautiful Arboretum with trails and such, they have a Tree House Exhibit out in the summer time! Six tree houses to climb and use your imagination in- a little boys dream! It is perfect for little kids probably age 2-5 (or maybe older). Very manageable tree houses to climb and jump around. One had all pretend clothes another was filled with musical instraments. Jack was in little boy heaven! I can't wait to take him back. There is even a turtle pond and butterfly house for the animal lovers (which I am typically not).

All the kids packed in the car!

One of the tree houses! They were SO cool!

Knight Jack.
Dear SpongeBob,

Please stop stalking us. It's kinda creeping me out... I see you taunting my Jack in the Go-gurt, BandAid, pool towel, shirts, and fruit snack aisles of Target/Walmart/Walgreens and the like. For some reason, despite never having have seen your show, he loves you. When you follow us around whispering "buy me, buy me" in his ear, I have to break out my "mean mommy." I have to make up some ridiculous tale about how the fruitsnack/bandaid/towel/shirt/etc box says he has to be a "big boy", like age 5, to get it (yes, you annoy me that much). I am hoping by this point he has moved on to bigger and better things like maybe wanting High School Musical paraphenalia... it will be much more logical to say--- oh, you have to be in HS to get that! (ahahaha)

I am not sure what mother's let their children watch you but I kinda feel like you and your gang are a bunch of NOVAs (No Value Added). Not that I am judging, to each his own, but quite honestly the thought of watching a bacteria filled sponge makes my skin crawl. Perhaps you should learn a thing or two from Super Why, Big Bird, Dora and Diego, and Brother and Sister (Bearnstein) Bear and teach the children of America something besides jibberish.

Jack's Mommy

Thursday, July 9, 2009

brusha brusha brusha - brusha jack's teetha


Um... I just found my son brushing his teeth with a tooth brush I am pretty sure my husband uses to clean his golf clubs and/or shoes (and to be honest, quite possibly the toilets). Yes, my dear "three going on ten year old," who I usually don't worry about him getting into stuff when he says "I am going to brush my teeth", decided to use this disgusting excuse for a toothbrush to brush his teeth. BARF. Barf. baaaaa-rrrrrr-ffff. Poor friend was so confused when I COMPLETELY LOST it when he walked into the kitchen with said toothbrush.

You see, teeth brushing is typically very encouraged chez P (of course with the exception of a toothbrush that could likely be used in a petri dish for a science project). Before you think I am making a joke out of something potentially dangerous... i was about to call poison control to see if there was any precaution to take but since I didn't have any answers to the questions:
(What cleaning solvent did he swallow? I don't know.
Did he swallow anything? I don't know.
Did he put the nasty tooth brush in his mouth? Yes.
What was on the tooth brush? I don't know... well wait there are some little black specks deep in the teeth... but i don't think he touched that!?EEK!)
Basically the only answer I had was:
Did you sufficiently scare the "doo doo" out of your three year old? Absolutely.)
So I decided to call my rational husband (and sister) who both said if there was even anything on the tooth brush it would be trace amounts and to make him drink water and wait and see.

These are the moments as a parent where you don't know what you want to do more... ring your child's neck or put your mouth to his and suck out every bad germ he just put in there... Anyways... Chaos ensues. I'm freaking out (dramatic much). Jack's crying. Thomas is crying. I am thinking about crying or breaking out a glass of wine...but managed to do neither. Oh, and did I mention we were in the middle of baking corn muffins. Thomas continues to get so worked up by the chaos that he spits milk all over me (wrong child throwing up as far as I am concerned!). To the showers we go. While in the shower (with Thomas, because I can't remember the last time I showered by myself), I remember we were making corn muffins when all this nonsense STARTED! Grrrr... Wet thomas to the crib, wet mommy in towel downstairs to rescue the very burnt (and soon to be wet) muffins. Between the mom freakout, kids crying, phone ringing, showering... the corn muffins didn't make it.

And as if that chaos wasn't enough, I then had to have a conversation about how "some words" are reserved for mommies and daddies to use. All in a days work here at mes petits choux. I know you're all jumping to get your votes in for mother of the year... but voting doesn't start till October.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i got that...

Boom Boom Pow.

I might have just heard my three year old singing this while riding his bike on the driveway.

Time to return to the days of Raffi and Ralph.

Friday, July 3, 2009

happy fourth of July

Props to Serendipity for posting this idea... the kids and I had such fun making this fancy fourth of July flag. I think next year we will do it on a pillowcase and fabric paint and actually fly it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

kites, cousins and fun with friends

today was a kite flyin' day while we waited for our friends Trey and Reese to visit!
The kids were so good playing together. Trey is going to be such an awesome big brother (again) in November!

We were so excited to see the Charlie Man! Dad's teaching me baseball defense....

Charlie admiring his homerun! Gooooo Charlie!

Cheers to a fun July Fourth Weekend! Auntie Meg comes from the city tonight!!! Wahoooo! I am more than sure she is going to offer to get up with allll the kids tomorrow morning! (right, meg!? ;))