Monday, May 18, 2009

how fast they grow

Each year I write my kids a letter for their birthday-- included in it is all their important stats for that year, who their friends were, what their favorite toy/book/food/show/etc blah blah blah. I am hoping that this tradition will be one that they look forward to on their birthday. I am sure one day they will think these are SO lame... and if i am persistent and continue to make them read them each year (ha!), I hope one day they will again love them as much as I do writing them. In preparation for writing Thomas' I went back through Jack's letters... And while I loved reminiscing through the content they didn't look super cute stranded in my Word Doc files.
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I can't decide... have you see this cute site How Fast They Grow. I like crafts but scrap booking ain't my thing. HFTG is a digi scrapbook (another million dollar idea I didn't think of, bummer). Basically you just upload your pics, pick from one of their 500 templates (boatman gellar has even created some super cute templates for them), create your content and Click! Poof! Scrapbook! I think it might be a cute way to do the letters for the boys... maybe include a couple pics... We'll see...


  1. Thanks for sharing, that is way cute. I think that writing them a letter each year is a great gift for them to one day cherish.
    xxx me