Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's....

Superman.... Cancel Christmas! My nephew sent some of his old Superman/Buzz Lightyear costume/PJs our way... It made me really realize Jack is a big boy when he is dancing around the kitchen saying "Oh. my. gosh., Oh. my. gosh. (I think I say that alot)... I can't believe I am really going to be a super hero! Oh my gosh!" Whoa, don't go jumping off any buildings there Clark Kent... We are still in the land of pretend. We basically have gone from dressing in Superman to Buzz Lightyear and back since yesterday. We even slept in them! I have been "instructed" that I am supposed to be "Woody" (Buzz's best bud, duh). As far as I am concerned, immagination is wasted on the youth... I love playing with my kids but as far as being Woody... i am not sure have that much imagination left... I think I need to rent the movie again and do a little research on my new role. I am sure that is what reese witherspoon does when her kids assign her a new part...

Does the excitment ever cease around here! I wish the little things like that still made me do the "oh my gosh dance!" Superman and Buzz Lightyear don't, but I'll tell you what would make me do the OMG dance in the kitchen... if the postman brought me these:

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  1. These pictures are adorable... I love when they say
    Oh my goosh!!
    You have beautiful family!!
    Have a terrific Thursday!
    xxxx me