Friday, August 28, 2009

hell hath frozen over

AJ has and does fun of me mercilessly for my addiction to all things internet... email, blog writing, blog reading, facebook... social media is not his bag per se.

How ironic that his new job is TOTALLY social media/internet/tech based! Bwahahahahhahaah! Can you hear me giggling through cyberspace! For the pharmy industry of course but still makes me giggle that he has to get a twitter account (gasp!) AND learn to tweet (double gasp!)!

He always mocked that he would start a counter blog to mine (which I am not sure I want cause he is way funnier than me and I would probably lose followers to his blog instead of mine for all the happenings chez P) But now, it might be on... war of the blogs... an old fashion "he said, she said". I say bring it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

have a good day....

or else!
Never a dull moment around here with the crazies!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cannonball comin'

do you know how hard it is to get a picture of someone going off a diving board? Real Hard. Here's the best I got of some of Jack's no swimmie dives. He has had not one swim lesson (bad mom alert) yet, I have found, if someone who is 5 years old, or even better, 8yr., is doing it... he will teach himself. He is officially a big kid. Goooo, Jackster!

Hey, calling all 5 year olds... can you please tell my son that your favorite food is broccoli? Thanks, love ya!

one of the first signs of insanity.

Radnor Trail: 1; Mommy: 0 I'll get you next time RT.

If you told me I was going to partake in a 1/2 marathon I would surely ask which Bravo reality series we would be watching on Saturday... and more importantly why wouldn't we be watching the entire thing.
I am not a runner. I pretend to be one. Don't get me wrong, I love to to go Target and buy cute running shorts and tanks... but since I am really just running in a land of make believe, I have no business agreeing to run a half marathon with my cousin. But somehow she tricked me into it. If you told me I would sign up to run this race I would have laughed (hard) in your face. But, alas, November 14th, to Richmond we trot.... to. run. Nothing a little Lady Gaga and her poker face can't solve.

Note to my boys: If mommy can do this, you can do anything you put your minds to...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


There are some things that just make me feel like a mom. Opening the door and calling Jack in for dinner is high on that list. Something about playing outside until it's dinner time makes me smile. I am so happy our yard is fenced in and I can see the kids from the kitchen windows while they play. Well, one day I will trust Thomas to play out there by himself- he might be 15yr but there will be a day the T in T-man won't stand for Trouble.

EEk. Now that they are inside- I am starting to get annoyed... who wants to take your dinner outside, raise your hand.... (psst. jack, quick, raise your hand)

17 again

am i having a 1/4 life crisis or am i just a nerd? I just bought (another) Miley Cyrus song to run to...

low point.

summer '09

When I look at these pics I just can't believe how big the kiddos are. That Kenny Chesney knows what he is talkin' about... don't blink.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Watch '09

Do ya'll remember this post!? We are totally on Baby Watch '09-er at our house! We can't wait to meet our newest cousin. I know she will have just the perfect mix of sweetness and spunk to keep these crazy boys in line.

Will there be some labor on Labor Day for Auntie Er??

best of friends..

Isn't my future daughter in law the CUTEST little thang you ever did see! Do you think it is too soon to send this into the NYT wedding section?I wasn't quick enough to capture when they really were holding hands on their own accord. Don't worry Uncle Nick, there was no funny business allowed. These boys are true gentlemen.

Thomas loved Anna and Anna loved Jack... poor sweetheart Thomas his older brother is stealing the chick's already. He even tried to win her heart with a foot massage! Now that is love.

It was SO great to see our friends Aunt Texie and Baby Anna Bananas. We love that Nana and Pop Pop have strategically placed themselves so close to many of our friends!

hug it out.

Dear Laundry,

Can't we just "hug it out"? I am trying to meet you half way and try to like you, I really am. You just keep appearing... EVERYWHERE!

Yours Truly,
The Laundress

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday Fun

Calling all Superheroes! We had Jack's bday old school style on Saturday in our backyard. It was 'steamy' but I guess that is better than 'wet.' It was such fun - I definitely got in touch with my inner super hero while planning this party. I wish I could take credit for the ideas (or even give credit- but some of the ideas i found while surfing and can't find the original site- i feel terrible about that). The kids got a goodie bag to equip them for Superhero-dom. They got a cape (girls pink and green and boys black and blue), mask and board book about super heroes. Their first mission to become part of the Justice League was to "vaporize a villain!" We silly stringed villains that were taped to balloons. Once they completed that mission it was on to rescue the kryptonite (glowstix) from the "Batcave" (and by batcave i mean ghetto spray painted box- but do you think that they wanted to jump in the jumpoline - nope they all wanted to play in the silly cardboard box! Why do I buy toys?)

After that we practiced "leaping a building in a single bound" in the jumpoline! The kids were so good and worked up quite an appetite for pizza and cake. My friend Lori made the awesome cake. Remember her from Thomas' party... the one with three kids under three. yeah.... and she showered too. so annoying.

I think I need to go back to work... I had a little too much fun planning... :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

nothing makes you feel older than saying...

.... "this is my FOUR year old son, Jdoggy dog." I thought I felt old when I turned 30 but as it turns out, 30 does not even hold a candle to having a four year old... nope, not even close... Four year olds aren't babies or toddlers anymore. They go to the driving range swim in the pool and jump off diving boards without you. I have a four year old. A four year old who uses the word "actually" correctly in a sentence to correct me. What will I think when he turns 14! Old. Old. Old.

It was about four years ago right now (7:00AM) that I was hangin' with my friends Katie and Matt (as in the Today Show), had just gotten my epidural and my nurse, Awesome Amy (who was getting ready for shift change) said magical words.... "it looks like you'll have a baby by lunch time!" Jack didn't arrived until dinner time and has been unpredictable ever since! Happy, Happy Birthday Jack! We love you so much and I am so happy to be spending your special day with you. Cheers for an exciting and wonderful year ahead!

AND! Happy Birthday to Charlie Man! My nephew turns three today! (yes my sister had a baby exactly 1 year to the day after I did, it's weird, i know!) Jack and Charlie share lots- a great sense of humor, charming personalities AND a birthday!


i know, i know. You've missed me. It's cool. You can admit it :). In case anyone out there still reads this, I have been MIA making Superhero capes for my 10 favorite four year olds. Party pics to come when my sister in law sends me her fancy cam pics. I can't wait till I grow up and and can get a fancy cam. You know the kind that only takes great pics... digital telefoto lens and all the bells and whistles that I won't have the patience to learn.

I'll be back... but just so I don't forget a few things we have been up to while I was not delighting in my inner super hero (that has apparently been repressed upon years of Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids):

- we had a GREAT visit with old friends Rachel and Violet! Violet is one of Jack's very first friends and he was SO excited to see her. In fact it is the first time I really saw him "showing off" for someone. Not becoming, but kinda cute.
- we discovered thomas has a peanut allergy. Ugh. We'll know more after Sept 1st allergist appt, at which time I am sure I will blog about it - because to be honest, blogging is much cheaper than therapy and not quite as devastating as a run in with AA.
- it's been hot Hot HOT! And our local theaters have free movies on Tuesdays for the kiddos. Jack loved watching Clifford the Big Annoying (oops, i mean) RED Dog. Thomas on the other hand, not so ready for the big screens.
- Pool pool pool pool pool. I wake up to the tune of, Are we going to the pool today... When are we leaving for the pool... Tell me what we are doing today (but make sure you say pool)....I have my bathing suit on, all ready for the... you guessed it, POOL!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

excuse me, sir, is that a Wall Street Journal under your arm?

No, just a Spiderman coloring book, natch. What do you think the Preppy Handbook would say about this little number???

My little buddy dressed himself for church on Sunday. Well, maybe a little help from Dad with the tie, but still, he wanted to look just like daddy. I didn't have the heart to tell him that we don't wear wool tweed when the temps are going to hit 90 degrees!

I also am having trouble with cutting his hair given the last hair catastrophe of '09 where my friend actually asked me if he cut it himself. To which I had to reply, nope, I actually paid money for it to look like that. Oh, Haircut Heather we miss you! Is it ridiculous to drive to Richmond to get his haircut, cause I am contemplating it!?

Monday, August 10, 2009

it might look like a cell, but really you'll like it

First I was going to do a quick post about how I would like to meet the man (cause no woman in her right mind would ever ban a playpen) who banned the old school playpens that my mom says we used to play in for hours... and when I meet him I am going to ask for COUNTLESS hours of my life back... hours of laundry, blogging, swiffering, emailing, bathroom cleaning, blog reading, cape making (which is where i have been for the last week while not blogging!). Right now I officially have a 15 month old "climber" and basically when he is awake, I follow him around. It's really cool. I get tons done. It's pretty much everything I ever dreamed about when I thought of motherhood (although he does kinda make me melt with his mischievous smile as he thinks I am chasing him).

BUT then.... I was searching for a picture of an old school playpen and I found this- a new school playpen!

*pic courtesy of

So now, I am posting about how if you are looking for a present for me - I would like this. I know, it's technically not for me, but oh, how it is! I am sure he would figure out how to climb out of it in a week, but that would be one GLORIOUS week.

Monday, August 3, 2009

a knight in shining armor

On the way to the gym today Jack is asking all about Doctors... where they work, do they check your knees, elbows and other assorted body parts. All these questions prompted me to ask:

"Jack would you like to be a doctor when you grow up?"
"No, mommy, I want to be a knight..... A knight in shining armor!"

Oh J-dog, you will definitely be some one's knight in shining armor. I don't doubt that for one minute... Just like your daddy.