Monday, January 25, 2010

totally jinxed him....

Oh dear, am I responsible for Jack's second ear infection??? Remember this post... Despite him having swollen glands (which i did call the dr about) and having asked him once a day for the last three weeks if his throat or ears hurt, nothing. I think I jinxed him.

Poor sweet Jdog... with a pain tolerance that could rival Rambo at dinner tonight he says, "the voices sound weird!" Uhhh, Jack, the voices? Are you hearing voices, honey?

Poor thing can't hear! Double. Ear. Infection.

am I that cool?

apparently I am! Ha! For some reason Jack, who has really not had a whole lot of separation anxiety before, is getting weepy for me at carpool and school and the gym.... and bedtime and lunch and no just kidding on the latter two! :)

Personally I am just sort of glad he has blocked out all the times that I sound like Kate Gosslin yelling at her kids and he still wants to be around me. I hope its not the sign of anything serious like that he'll be living at home until he's 40. When I ask him why he gets sad... he says i just miss you and want to be with you! I mean could you die of cuteness??? But buck up buddy your four... going on five and, well, school will probably not ever be as fun or stress free as now! We decided that I would make him a little smiley face to tuck in his pocket each day. When he gets weepy, he can look at my smiley face and be happy!

Thomas on the other hand went to his first Mommy & Me class and quite frankly it could be a just Me class and he would be fine... wanted nothing to do with me while he got his paint and play-dough on! Sat by himself for snack and story and then in the teachers lap for songs!! He doesn't even need me any more... and he's not even two!

Friday, January 22, 2010

the basil needs a snuggie

even the basil is cold... i came down to find a very sad (and shivering basil plant) poor guy... maybe they make a snuggie for them now? ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

freakin' heater!

So the brightside of me says- thankfully the heater didn't go out while AJ was out of town this week. and oh, right people in Haiti are dying and would love for this to be their biggest problem... i know i know.

The bratty side of me says, damn you busted heater for making an already cold house EVEN COLDER... if I usually sit around in my fleece pants, fleece shirts (yes that says fleece shirts- with an s), socks, a snuggie (thanks, Er!), slippers and sometimes a hat, what should else can I put on!?

time for a hot toddy by the fire... who's in!?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ladies first.

for all the gray hair he has given me... I think it is only appropriate that occasionally he should do something that doesn't make me shake my head in wonder. Ha!

We have really been working on manners at our house... setting the table, clearing the table, pulling out moms chair, opening the car door, etc. I figure if you can open the car door for you, you can open the car door for me, no? Jack's really into it. I hope his future wife will thank me one day...So today, Mr. Independent (Jack) wanted to open the door to the house. "Sure, here you go...key goes this way." As he is walking inside he turns to me and says, "O0ps, mom, ladies first!" I melted. Like a little snowman on a hot day, I melted.... And then nearly dropped Thomas!

I am just glad he can hear. Sometimes I wonder if we should have gotten him tubes somewhere along the line... now i just realize that 'selective hearing' can even happen to four year olds... I am glad that this was something you decided to listen to! Ladies first. Always. Ladies. First.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

complete opposites

my children continue to be complete opposites. Jack has had 1 ear infection when he was 3 months old.

Thomas is on number 7 in 20 months.

Mom's workin' on no sleep. Literally saw every hour on the clock last night. It's not pretty at our house today people. not pretty. at. all.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

of course I think they're the best

I generally try not to use the blog as a "my preschooler is a black belt AND an honor student" outlet but more as a way not to lose my sanity/remember all the things my brain is trying to forget...For example, Thomas will now be referred to as Houdini and has figured out how to climb out of a buckled buggy at the grocery... yep, now that I am on to his tricks, I catch him before the floor gives him a knuckle sandwich again.

But today, I just can't help it! There are times when your kids take a 1 second break from torturing each other by stealing e/o toys and show you they really do love each other- and man is it sweet! For the past two days Jack has been bringing home these "surprises" for Thomas from school. I am just about to die. Yesterday it was a "Bear" (read: stapled pieces of paper- good thing he told be it was a bear before the big reveal!) and today he put a Curious George paper in an envelope at their writing station and wrote, "Tomus" on it, because "Thomas loves Curious George", natch! I wish they knew they would have SO many more toys if they were this nice to each other all the time!

I mean of course I think they are the best... they're my kids!


some people are obsessed with twilight, lost and the likes... my new obsession is Mad Men. It is SO captivating. We have breezed through Season One and most of Season 2 and I have pre-ordered Season 3 (coming out in March) on Amazon.

It's written by the same gent who did the Souprano's but its definitely not MOB-y at all. Its set in the 1960's and follows the life both professionally and personally of a few of the hottest Ad Men of Madison Avenue. The fashion alone of the early 1960's is enough reason to follow. All's I gotta say is they make my not so glamorous sweats uniform look rather drab. I stand corrected, the fashion coupled with the gorgeous Don Draper is enough to make me watch! Ha. The drama that continues to unfold doesn't hurt to keep your attention either.

How in the world has it taken us 3 seasons to get into this show! I think that all I am missing for season 3 is my "forever lazy" lounge wear and a martini (just like the SAHM in the show!)

i am not even kidding

After the frigid temps that we have been experiencing (and you know we hate to use heat because we are CHEAP!)... and seeing them on Kathie Lee and Hoda this AM.... I am not even kidding when I say I SOOOOOO want a pair of these!

It's like a giant fleece cozy suit for grown ups! Ummmm... they can even be monogrammed!? No, I am not getting paid for this endorsement (unless of course Forever Lazy is a secret reader and would like to send me a pair (wink, wink!). My only question is, it's probably in appropriate to wear to drop the kids off at school....yes? Ha! Too bad Santa already came!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i promise they don't eat a lot of sugar.

this is why i haven't been blogging.... they've both been home all day literally running circles around me.

and that, my friends, is why I need spring to come.... STAT.

have you ever heard of something so ridiculous...

I am finally digging out from Christmas... I have backlog of memory posts that I need to craft but in the mean time... I wish I could figure out how to load a pic from my archaic phone because I just don't think words are going to do this justice. Yesterday, while looking beautiful (read: unshowered mismatched and stinky!) at the gym I walked by a woman with not a hair out of place, fully matching gym outfit, sitting at a stationary bike with a gigantic FUR COAT strewn across the back. Really did you need to break out your fur for the gym. I mean i am not one to judge but it did look a little ridiculous, if I do say so myself. Yep, I took a pic. but now I can't figure out how to load it to the computer. Didn't I use to work for not 1, but 2 technology consulting companies...

Now I know I am new to this state up north, but my fleece kept me quite warm and I was happy to shove it in the little cubby to pick up post work out! Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous!
Updated to include the proof! This was the best I could get without looking completely ghetto! (special shout out to ms. bickies for her craftiness getting the photo off my phone!Nicely done.)