Tuesday, October 20, 2009

you can put it on the...

BOARD! Phillies win.

I was up way to late watching the Phils game. Jack is all about it - I even let him have a 'special night" and stay up a little late. I am sure I will be paying for it all week as he asks for "special night" each night going forward (ugh). But he is so into it and knows more players than I do! And his favorite Philly is Jimmy Rollins... has the 11 shirt and everything!

and the littlest philly fan.


  1. can you believe my husband and i went to bed at the end of the eigth? we missed it all!

  2. Oh no! It was super exciting- and i am really not even that big of a baseball fan. I figure with these boys- i better become one before I get voted off the (family) island :)

  3. We're Braves fans here, but not real big. I love his outfit. You may have a future MVP on your hands.