Monday, October 26, 2009

since I no longer...

- suck on toys that have spent upwards of 8 hours on the gym babysitting floor...

- lick the glass doors, mirrors or parked cars

- eat off my neighbors plate at school

-touch every inanimate object that will stand still long enough between getting out of the car and getting to the classroom

- try to pick my friends noses...

aren't i too old for strep throat! Ahhhhhh. I don't remember strep throat hurting like nobody's business. But, let me tell you it does... there were definitely times in the last 24 hours that when I swallowed and felt like I had all Jack's play mobile swords lodged in my throat, that I thought I would rather be in labor (no joke, maybe I am being slightly dramatic, but i did think it!) I am not much of a medicine taker... but I think I have consumed more ibuprofen in the last two days than I have in an entire year...

Thank GOD for mom mom... She came just in the nick of time, fed and played with the boys while I took an evening rest and totally dodged the dinner/bedtime routine.


  1. Yuck! I hope you feel better soon! My sister recently had strep. However, it came right after a weekend of partying at her 20th high school reunion which may have involved licking doors, mirrors and parked cars.

  2. haaha this made me laugh. Reunions do have a tendancy to bring out the best in you! :) I am just hoping the kids don't get it... i'd rather feel stinky than have them feel stinky.