Monday, October 5, 2009

date day with my favorite four year old.

Jack and I had "date day" on Saturday. It was filled with (really a bunch of errand running, but it amazes me how fun it can be when you 1) call it a "date" and 2) only have one of the kids, specifically the one that can be bribed!) fun. We went to Einsteins for lunch, ran to the crazy Halloween store for the covetted Batman costume, a stop at the Learning store to make a project and shoot some suction cup bows and arrows (jacks dream- i am certain you will be seeing reference to this come Christmas time!), a jaunt to the mall for new Phillies shirts (Division champs, you know! I didn't, my husband had to tell me OOPs - updated: not division champs yet, playoff contenders! My bad! I better brush up on my baseball before my kids figure out i don't know a thing about it!) and to top it all off... a double header at the movies for Toy Story 3D! Perhaps if all my errand running ended with not one but TWO movies, I would have a better track record. I wish i had a pict of him in is little 3D glasses. Cutest thing EVER! And suprisingly enough he kept them on the whole time! We were going to end the day with this super sweet concert, but my buddy was so tired he fell asleep on the way home from the movies. I figured we would likely cause more attention to ourselves than not.

Not for nothing, but Toy Story 2 is WAY better than Toy Story 1. Just sayin'.

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  1. ok, I TOLD YOU we are living parallel lives...sometimes it is spooky...