Tuesday, October 13, 2009

did i really just spend 40 dollars at the Dollar Tree?

I was pretty embarrassed at the total I rang in at the Dollar Tree today.... between the surprisingly cute Halloween decorations for our halloween playdate and compiling a goodie bag for our trip to St. Louis... I did actually manage to spend 40 bones at the Dollar Tree. 50% embarrassed; 50% proud.

we are planning for a trip westward to visit our cousins in St. Louis... sounds fun, right!? Did I mention we are driving... :) to be honest it still sounds fun to me! I am cautiously optimistic that because the kids have been in the car for long car rides from birth, that we will be ok... oh, that and a quick prayer to St. Christopher the patron Saint of safe (I think sane falls under safe, yes?) travel.

I have a corner of the guest room well stocked with snacks, coloring books, stickers, activity books, bag o' emergency goodies from Dollar Tree, this fun travel pillow, books on tape for the boys, books on tape for the mom/dad, books books books and movies movies and more movies. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to add benadryl to the pile- just in case. :)

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