Wednesday, October 7, 2009

for the millionth time.

Dear Unknown Name/Unknown Number on my Caller ID,

You call at naptime everyday. Despite asking you everyday to take me off your distribution list, you continue to call! Everyday, I run around the house like a crazy person trying to find the phone to make it stop ringing before you wake up one of my monsters, i mean, kids. Today you caught me on the wrong day. Today I did not take my nice pill and I let you know "I have a 'you wake 'em, you take 'em policy' -- Please meet me at my house in 30 minutes for your turn taking care of my tired children." You thought I was kidding (or crazy). I wasn't. I wasn't kidding at all. My plan was to take them to run errands. It's not fun to take tired kids to run errands, so maybe you, Unknown name/Unknown number can come and watch them for me? Yes?

Oh, what's that? You are busy calling someone in California to wake up their kids... Grrrrrrr.

Please for the 10000 time take me off of your call list STAT! Before I really break out my mean mommy.


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