Friday, October 2, 2009

Always a Ying and a Yang.

We had a delightful morning chez P. We made the below to bring along for our playdate. I saw it on Hostess with the Mostess blog for a pink shower and thought it would be super cute for Halloween. Today was the perfect occasion to try it. Super easy and Jack even helped. All you need is marshmallows, lollipop sticks, those meltable candy disc things, and sprinkles. Seems like a lot of sugar to me, but the kiddos devoured them. Shocking... That's the Ying.

And for the Yang: The playdate was awesome and a great way to meet some of the other moms of kids in jack's class. It was mostly girls except for one other boy who had to leave early to pick up his brother. Jack had a great time. A great time until.... I should know better than to give a 5 minute warning... 5 minutes is long enough for something bad to happen. It should be two minutes or 1 minute or it's time to go - get your butt in the car (note to self no more 5 minute warnings). All of a sudden I hear a mom go "Jack whacked her." Well according to Jack he didn't whack her... HE SPIT ON HER! WHAT!? Who does that!? I was of course mortified. Thomas is running around like a freakin' crazy person... eating other peoples leftover food off the picnic table, spilling chex mix, trying to climb on chairs and just being a "hot mess" in general.... and now jack spits on a little girl. We're out of here. Who spits on people... if he squeezed the back of her arm, maybe, I definitely do that- we call it the "church squeeze" - the sit up and pay attention but I don't want to yell at you in public - "church squeeze" but spit? No i definitely don't spit on my children. So I am curious where he learned this... "Jack, where did you learn to spit on people." "Oh , I made it up myself!" Awesome. Please don't be so proud of your new skills. (In his defense i learned later that i think the girls might have ganged up on him and were saying, "no more jack no more jack," but please ever a good reason to spit on people. Disguting. )

Heaven help me.

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