Wednesday, October 7, 2009

public service announcement

Consider this your public service announcement for the week.

My boys are 100% boy. We get dirty at every opportunity. I try to see it as "creative" and not annoying. My mom had a special secret that Cascade (as in the dish detergent) took stains out of anything... But I think Cascade has met it's match with.... (drum roll please)....

Jack literally demolished a brand new pair of crewcuts khaki's at "the playdate" (you know the one that ended in spitting). Dirt up the front and down the back. OxiClean to the rescue- i am not lying... I feel like every house needs a bottle (or two) of this. And NO i am not getting paid for this (however, OxiClean feel free to send me some of the good stuff if you want! haha.) Literally, I sprayed it on... heard yelling and tackling from the other room and got distracted. Heard giggling from the bathroom- that was the oxiclean laughing at the grass stains that it was TOTALLY removing. Threw the pants in the laundry and Oila! good as new. It's magical, really.

I can't wait to try it on all the outfits Thomas ruined with his exceptional barfing skills month 3-12.


  1. I LOVE this stuff but have had a hard time finding it. I used this oxiclean product as well as a Shout product (one bottle split in to two sides with a different ingredient in each) and can't find either.

    I thought something happened to the stain remover manufacturers. Clearly I need to broaden my shopping horizons and try again.

  2. I am not positive, but I think I got it at the Walmart in KOP. I'll check next time I am there and see if they have it. They are weird though, sometimes they will have something one week and not the next.

  3. kel,
    How are you???? Long time no talk! Just wanted to say hi and miss ya!

  4. I could not live without the stuff! It's like crack around here.