Wednesday, October 28, 2009

at least it's not the swine.

ugh. Strep Throat has invited itself over for a playdate with everyone at our house. Now ALL of the boys have it. Jack was running around like a crazy person trying to convince me that he felt ok to go to his school Halloween party and Phillies pep rally. Mom and Er told me an unequivocal "NO" (I wouldn't have really sent him). I made all kinds of promises: Scooby Doo movies, popsicles for lunch, stay up late to watch the game... Anything to make him smile after the disappointment of missing a fun school day.

We are so pumped for a Phillies/Yanks World Series at our house! Jack will definitely be a little bi-polar as his favorite player, plays for the Yanks and his favorite team is the Phillies... I never knew I liked baseball this much... it's kinda fun. I guess I better get used to it, huh!?

Off to get my sickies down for LONG naps... did you hear that boys... LONG naps.

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