Friday, June 5, 2009

what kind of person will you be today

The boys and I recently went to play at a little boy who is in Jack's class house. He is the youngest of 4 kids and we just really clicked - kids and moms. I think her kids are 12, 10, 8 and 4. It is so interesting to me to hear from veteran moms about how alike/different their children are, gender differences, etc. As I was leaving I saw a signed posted at kid eye level on their door saying, "What kind of person will you be today?" And I LOVED it. I hope I remember to do things like this when my kids are a little older. I think it is such a great reminder that the choices you make as a friend, student, son make you the person that you are.


  1. I love getting together with moms who have kids older than mine. I just want to sit down with them with a pen and a notebook...They always teach me so much!!

  2. So true. I have always given my girls choices. I ask them what they want....small ones of course.
    This gives them the freedom to feel that they can make their own choices. It totally gives them the feeling that they choice to be good or bad. When they are acting up- I always note that their behavior is bad- but they are good people making bad choices.
    It works for me and I hope this gives them the ability to think that they are responsible for their day.
    A fabulous day or a not so good one!!
    xxxx me