Thursday, June 18, 2009

tricked ya!

I was hesitant to post about this until I was certain I had truly fooled them! So far I have successfully added flax seed to three meals without hesitation from my already picky eater! Thomas, who would knock you over for a plate of peas, was as predicted, unphased. But Jack who picks apart his plate with a fork mulling over each piece was totally tricked! Well maybe he did say his eggs look dirty but whatever... he still ate them which means.... tricked ya! Really easy to throw into yogurt, sweet potato pancakes, muffins, cookies, scrambled eggs and the like.

I recently read an article in Parents magazine about Flax seed and it's benefits - dha (omega 3s), fiber, yada yada. I was initially concerned about Thomas getting enough of these after ditching the formula which has these vitamins in it... so this seemed like a good alternative to serving "pink chicken" (or salmon to the uncrazies) every day.

Coincidence that we read Sleeping Beauty before nap today (she was pricked by a piece of flax for those not up on their Disney reads..), I think not! Yes, I giggled a little as I read that part! Don't judge-- I know I need to get out more. It's cool.

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