Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i hate it when...

...my age (32) is higher than my birthday date (30). I have decided today I am pretty much almost 40.... today I turned 32. 32 is almost 35. 35 is "mid thirties" and mid thirties is just a blink away from the big 4-0. So today, I am pretty much 40....(maybe I am getting more dramatic with age...)

My husband has informed me that he is still pretty much 25 since he is still 31 until September... He says 31 is almost 3o. 30 is still so close to 20s that he is still "young" and "spritely" and pretty much still 25. Nice. Well Mr. 25, I think that makes you married to a "Cougar"! hahah!

I joke, I joke. I feel so blessed to have lived such an amazing 32 years. I truly think I have the best husband, kids, family and friends (but I am only probably slightly biased). Today was so relaxing and wonderful and I will even probably be in bed by 10pm. My how birthdays have changed.


  1. Great. I'll be 35 in November! But my hubs just turned 38. 40 is right around the corner from him!

    Happy Birthday!