Tuesday, April 28, 2009

three going on eight

We pretty much go to the gym at some point each week. Jack loves it cause usually this means he gets to play super heroes with the older boys whose imagination and knowledge of super heroes are WAY cooler and more advanced than mine will ever be.

Me: Jack let's get ready to go to the gym.

Jack (all kinds of excited): Ok let me get my video game.

Me: Uh, you don't have a video game. You are three.

Jack (showing me the below): Yes I do. This is my W DS (which I think is supposed to mean Nintendo DS or maybe he is right and I am just that big of an idiot.)

Me: of course you need your video game. How silly of me to forget you have a W DS.

Clearly this is not a video game but an animal rescuer badge, duh. But to my sweet little three year old it is his video game... his W DS. Oh dear... I am not sure how to tell Jack that the big kids will not think his fake video game is as cool as his mom does? And I am not sure how I can stop him from growing up so fast....

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