Saturday, April 25, 2009

date night

We have not had a date night with just the two of us in forever. It was nice to catch up with my husband and partake in some much needed laughter. Yes, we live in the same house but sometimes it is hard to find time to talk between changing dirty diapers and watching RHONY. Seems as though we have mostly been going out with friends since moving here and we had a gift certificate burning an hole in our pockets to one of our favorite restaurants in the 'burbs, Teresa's Cafe. It has delish italian food right in downtown Wayne. It's a byob, a concept we are still getting used to. We brought a bottle of Sanctuary Cabernet Sauvingnon (Usibelli Vineyards) and if you are into red wine (which I happen to be! who isn't, really), I highly suggest it. And if you're not into red wine, then I am not sure really if we can be friends.
We sat next to this couple who were clearly new parents. How do I know this... well they still bring their child to dinner on their date nights! They haven't gotten sick of her yet! I remember when we used to do that with Jack! I think his first outing was to Comfort with Uncle Al/Auntie Er... Shoving the bucket seat under the bar solicited many strange looks but I am sure he was more than a week old.... maybe??

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