Wednesday, April 22, 2009

let's dish on the H-wives

Oh heavens I do LOVE me some TV Tuesdays! And the housewives always bring their "A" game.
  • Luann, lovely, is there a chapter in your etiquette book on how saying the word "like" is annoying as all get out? Because your daughter says it "like" every other word. A bit painful to listen to, if you ask me. And let's face it, you did.
  • Jill "elevator friendly" Zarin held her own with the mean BBC Man. Good job Jill. Mr. BBC man you better check yourself, you were borderline rude to my BFF Jill Zarin. Watch it.
  • Wow, Alex, you are taking "sack of potato's" to a whole new, not so glam, level. Something tells me your burlap will have you at the top of the Worst Dressed in UsWeekly... but you probably subscribe to the thought bad press is still good press!
  • Bethenny, you never disappoint. I mean just really hysterical.
  • Kelly, the "queen of fabulocity" did the unthinkable! Who goes to a party they throw hours late! I love that when you are wearing your next to nothing, risque bunny costume you say "I'm a mom". Yeah, cause I'm a mom too and I can tell you the last time I went out in my "bunny suit"... uh...Never! Also- as an aside, can you let us know who did your boob job because I do NOT want him to do mine. Eek. Perhaps you are trying to get people to look there so that no one notices that you have no personality and an unbelievably annoying voice. If that is the case, nice work.
  • I didn't accidentally forget Ramonn-er. She just annoys me that much.

Again, I need a life.

Tues May 12th - Mark your calendars! Real Housewives of the Dirty Jerz.

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  1. Haha, LOVE the run down. My favorite part was when Bethenney says she doesn't need an extra Halloween outfit because we are in a recession. LOVE her!!! Xoxo-BLC