Tuesday, April 21, 2009

play on, playa.

J-dogs most recent obsession is Geotrax... and on this rainy, yucky, no good, very bad day, Geotrax is have three words for you - I. LOVE. YOU.

He has been imagining and playing with his friends Old Rust and Tex the Cowboy (not for nothin' but Tex is not to be confused with Auntie Tex our friend- he noted). Geotrax will probably make "Top 5 Reasons I Will Not Post My Child on eBay Today" (in the event that social services is a private follower of my blog -lol- I am joking... i would never actually post my child on eBay, however on some days the thought does cross my mind, but only for a second).

Play on, playa.

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  1. Sometimes when I read your blog, I feel like I am reading my life :) Geotrax is a MAJOR obsession in our house. How many times have you watched the DVD? I bet I have ya beat...."This is the valley of ole Tex...."