Tuesday, April 28, 2009

movin' on up

I wish that I had the camera strapped to my hip when I found thomas on Stair No. Three today.
Who does he think he is... does he know that while Spiderman is practically a part of our family-- he ain't real and he is most certainly not showing up to save him from the fall from Stair No. 4?

Time to break out the gates... oh how i hate the baby gates, but not as much as I hate finding my child on Stair No. Three. Gates it is.


  1. Aweee! I think baby gates can be endearing, it means you have little totts running around and who doesn't love that!? Xoxo-BLC

  2. Oh, BLC you are right. I should enjoy this time of tripping over toys, gates and assorted Spiderman paraphenalia. The problem is I am a bit of a clutzy mom. So gates = me tripping all over. However I guess bruises on mommy are better than bruises on baby T.