Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the housewives...

Omg the housewives. I love that my husband humors me and pretends to care about my housewives banter. I think he not so secretly loves the housewives drama-rama as well. Or at least he likes to pretend to do his work whilst I watch it. He is the best.

He is the best like Jill Zarin is the best.... I mean who else can throw in, "Does he have a big PP (Private Plane people! Get your minds out of the gutters!ha!)" into a Traditional Home Mag article. I love her. Seriously I think she would be such fun to get a drink o' wine with in some fancy shmance NYC restaurant.

Simon. You're scary.

Bethenny, baby, are you really breaking bread romantically with A-Rod? Really? You're goin' there, huh?

Ummmm raise your hand if you'll give my mom 5 bucks to ask the (soon to be ex) "Countess" if she like Ethiopian food when she is publicizing her book at RJ Julia Bookstore in Madison, CT. Um, mom, I will... do it. Do it.

I think I need a life.

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