Tuesday, April 7, 2009

good friends are like...

"Good Friends are like bras- always close to your heart and there for support!" Sometimes you just need a good debrief with your girlfriends to make you feel like life is normal. Two of our very best friends, G$ and Cha Cha Cha, came to visit this weekend! I forgot how much they make me fall to the ground with laughter... my stomach muscles have not forgotten. So funny that to me that our conversations have turned from who is the hottest player on insert HS sport team to whose child poops the most in a day. Tales from the motherhood were told for sure. One has two kids under the age of one (not twins) and the other is prego with her second. Pair this with my crazy gents and this makes for some very good material. I am glad the craziness we know as life pretty much universal.

Aunt Cha Cha Cha didn't even mind when my pirate, oops I mean child, tied her up. Don't worry - he is a thoughful pirate. Please note: she has two companions, the astronauts. A musical car that plays "who let the dawgs out", and a pee cup. As well as a few boxes and a bag to keep her warm. Oh and a megaphone that did not make the pic just in case he tells her "he'll be in his 'office' if she needs him"!


  1. I'm jealous...how fun! One of these days we need a big reunion...

  2. Yes! We need to get a reunion planned! The ladies and I were talking about sometime in 2010 (which sounds far away but is really next year! Yikes!)I'll send out an email. Inevitably someone will be pregnant, but such is life right now.