Monday, March 9, 2009

you've got some 'splainin' to do.

Oh, snap. Bonnie Hunt totally went there with the crazy bach today! I thought the Bachelor (old what's his name) was dead to me. But then I saw him and the girl he likes this week, Molly, on Bonnie Hunt today. She made me lol with her interview today. She was shameless and I loved it. I definitely caught myself feeling embarrassed for them at times but then I remembered they brought this on themselves. She basically told Molly to run, and run fast. I don't usually watch Bonnie Hunt but I am at my mom's and she does and I just might have been converted. I might start because, ummmm, she's awesome. Top 5 things about Jason that make me want to barf (and, yes, a part of me can't believe I am still wasting brain cells, the very few I have left, thinking about this!)

5. Unbelievably CHEESY kick off apology to Bonnie (kiss up) as well as all the viewers and of course, Melissa for the jerky thing he did breaking up with her on national TV.
4. He totes himself being a single dad. But little Ty's mom is still in the picture and fairly participatory per Jason himself. Bonnie actually asked him if he would ever tell Ty that he was a single dad or if he would say he always has himself AND his mom-- No Bonnie di'int. Oh, yes, she did-- He obviously said the latter.
3. His naive response to the tabloid's portrayal of the happenings. Uh, Jason, have you never picked up an tabloid mag before... do you think the truth sells???
2. Insinuating that he contractually had to do the break up on camera when that isn't the case at all. He is just THAT big of a jerk and thought it sounded like a good idea. I guess it did extend his 15 minutes of fame. Don't worry, Molly, he said he'd do it different next time, so I guess you don't have to worry.
1. He might have heard that Molly was going to be the next Bachelorette! Hello!? And that "might" have something to do with the quick change of heart.

I think my Team Jennifer (Aniston) T-shirt just got replaced with Team Melissa. Mel (yep we're that tight) is now one of the Dancing with the Stars contestants. I think I will vote for her.

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