Wednesday, March 25, 2009

don't forget your jacket!

Despite my three year old not feeling severe cold or hot temperatures, I still feel the need to say things like "Don't forget your jacket!" as we leave for school (No shame in admitting, it is mostly so I don't get the "Your child doesn't have a coat on" nasty looks from the other moms. You know the ones who are showered and fully dressed and their children have bows in their nicely brushed hair. Opposed to my nasty yoga pants and ponytail. Yes, Those moms.). Jack's response:

"I'm not wearing a jacket. That's my story!" (I can't blame you, I hate jackets too, buddy, but it's 41degrees out and PUT ON YOUR JACKET (and, tout suite, before mean mommy shows her ugly face)!)

Back talk from my three year old. Nice.

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