Friday, March 6, 2009

boring post alert.

Just want to capture a few things from Thomas' 9 month Doctors Appt.
Weight: 21.2lbs (50th%)
Height: 29.5 (75th%)
Head: 19 (95th%! Big noggin = big brain, right!)

He is crawling all over - totally wants to walk, with help of an adult (read: broken back), ALL day. He is an AWESOME eater. Did his first wave "bye bye" to Dr. Harkness. Its so funny to watch him do things with his hands - he looks at them like, "Wow, OK, I get it, I AM moving you!" I think he signed "bottle" the other day. I am so excited that he is getting more interactive and picking up on the sign lingo. Jack is really sweet teaching him. The other day I caught Jack standing in front of Thomas' high chair signing "more." Moments like that make me melt. I love watching when they don't know you're watching!

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