Monday, March 2, 2009

Holy Snow Day, Batman!

Wowza we have some may-juh snow at our house. Supposed to get a foot by the end of the day! Whoa! Don't be jealous, but we happened to move next to the "Nicest Neighbor" (I am thinking of making him an award), Mr. Rick you rock! He totally snow blowed (is that a word?) our driveway this AM. He even let Jack try out the big snow blowing "vacuum".

Jack then decided he needed to do some snow blowing of his own...

We also did some "boogie boarding". Because this is our first winter living in a climate with snow, Jack can't get past the fact that his sled bears a striking resemblance to his boogie board with which he has "surfed" every summer.

Dad and Jack played lots (read: hopes for a long nap!) this AM. Shoveling makes me tired... it should make him tired too, right?

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