Tuesday, March 3, 2009

stop the madness

* Photo courtesy of ABC.com
Alls I got is a big O.M.G! Are you kidding me, Bachelor!? Really? In front of alllll of America (cause you know everyone watches the Bachelor- with it being such quality and thought provoking TV and all!) you decided hmmmm... after tricking us into thinking "I am just a normal Joe from Washington State", I am going to break out my crazy on national tv. I feel tricked.

Melissa, I liked you, I really did. "Tramp stamp" and all (you did see her back tatt on the last date, right-- not so much into tatts - boys, don't bring home any girls with visible tatts, mom won't be happy!).

Molly, disappointing at best. You know he wants you. Save face for the sake of all single girls out there. Give him the heave ho on national tv and then if you really think you want to be with 7 ways from crazy, Jason, privately contact him. He's probably going to leave you for DeAnna in a week anyways. Or maybe that is what tonight's After the Final Rose is about!? Maybe he dumps Molly and brings back DeAnna just so he has "no regrets."

I think i need to get my crazy-dar checked... I just didn't see this one coming! :) Or maybe, I am equally crazy for posting about this!?


  1. That was the best reality TV I've ever seen. I usually don't get sucked into these shows but I was completely locked in last night. Although, I want some sort of life credit for the number of "Bachelor" hours I logged to get to that point. Is that possible? Who can we talk to to make that happen?

    Love the blog. Keep it going.


  2. Wait, I was at your wedding, I think watching the Bachelor (and other mind numbing shows like it) was part of the vows, no? AJ definitley said "I, do" to that :)