Friday, March 6, 2009

please feed the animals

"Dr., is it possible that my son can subsist on hotdogs, cheese, yogurt and blueberries and peanut butter waffles??" Because he refuses to eat anything else!

Jack is a KILLER when it comes to eating. If I wasn't the one who delivered him, I wouldn't believe he was mine (oh right, except for that part where people say he looks just like me!) He hates to sleep and hates to eat... he did NOT get this from moi! The only thing I LOVE more than sleep is to eat. The only thing jack hates more than eating, is losing. I know psych people would beat me with a wet noodle, but maybe I have said, "Thomas is going to finish his dinner before you" once or twice. Poof! Dinner is gone! It's magical, really.

Thomas is me in and out. Loves to sleep and loves to eat and he even grinds his sweet little seven teeth that he has just like his momma. Seriously, I have yet to find something that he doesn't like. At this point it is a game. I am like he will never eat this spinach, oh yep, not only does he eat it, he FINISHES Jack's. Surely he won't like this stewed tomato, omg, he ate that too! I love it - its a dream after having picky jack.

Great recipe for kiddos:

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