Friday, August 28, 2009

hell hath frozen over

AJ has and does fun of me mercilessly for my addiction to all things internet... email, blog writing, blog reading, facebook... social media is not his bag per se.

How ironic that his new job is TOTALLY social media/internet/tech based! Bwahahahahhahaah! Can you hear me giggling through cyberspace! For the pharmy industry of course but still makes me giggle that he has to get a twitter account (gasp!) AND learn to tweet (double gasp!)!

He always mocked that he would start a counter blog to mine (which I am not sure I want cause he is way funnier than me and I would probably lose followers to his blog instead of mine for all the happenings chez P) But now, it might be on... war of the blogs... an old fashion "he said, she said". I say bring it.

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  1. Sounds like fun!! That was a super cute movie. I tagged you! Have a fabulous day!!!!! xxxx me