Monday, August 10, 2009

it might look like a cell, but really you'll like it

First I was going to do a quick post about how I would like to meet the man (cause no woman in her right mind would ever ban a playpen) who banned the old school playpens that my mom says we used to play in for hours... and when I meet him I am going to ask for COUNTLESS hours of my life back... hours of laundry, blogging, swiffering, emailing, bathroom cleaning, blog reading, cape making (which is where i have been for the last week while not blogging!). Right now I officially have a 15 month old "climber" and basically when he is awake, I follow him around. It's really cool. I get tons done. It's pretty much everything I ever dreamed about when I thought of motherhood (although he does kinda make me melt with his mischievous smile as he thinks I am chasing him).

BUT then.... I was searching for a picture of an old school playpen and I found this- a new school playpen!

*pic courtesy of

So now, I am posting about how if you are looking for a present for me - I would like this. I know, it's technically not for me, but oh, how it is! I am sure he would figure out how to climb out of it in a week, but that would be one GLORIOUS week.

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  1. There's an even better version in "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" w/Doris Day. It has bars on top a well...XXOO