Monday, August 17, 2009


i know, i know. You've missed me. It's cool. You can admit it :). In case anyone out there still reads this, I have been MIA making Superhero capes for my 10 favorite four year olds. Party pics to come when my sister in law sends me her fancy cam pics. I can't wait till I grow up and and can get a fancy cam. You know the kind that only takes great pics... digital telefoto lens and all the bells and whistles that I won't have the patience to learn.

I'll be back... but just so I don't forget a few things we have been up to while I was not delighting in my inner super hero (that has apparently been repressed upon years of Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids):

- we had a GREAT visit with old friends Rachel and Violet! Violet is one of Jack's very first friends and he was SO excited to see her. In fact it is the first time I really saw him "showing off" for someone. Not becoming, but kinda cute.
- we discovered thomas has a peanut allergy. Ugh. We'll know more after Sept 1st allergist appt, at which time I am sure I will blog about it - because to be honest, blogging is much cheaper than therapy and not quite as devastating as a run in with AA.
- it's been hot Hot HOT! And our local theaters have free movies on Tuesdays for the kiddos. Jack loved watching Clifford the Big Annoying (oops, i mean) RED Dog. Thomas on the other hand, not so ready for the big screens.
- Pool pool pool pool pool. I wake up to the tune of, Are we going to the pool today... When are we leaving for the pool... Tell me what we are doing today (but make sure you say pool)....I have my bathing suit on, all ready for the... you guessed it, POOL!

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