Monday, August 17, 2009

nothing makes you feel older than saying...

.... "this is my FOUR year old son, Jdoggy dog." I thought I felt old when I turned 30 but as it turns out, 30 does not even hold a candle to having a four year old... nope, not even close... Four year olds aren't babies or toddlers anymore. They go to the driving range swim in the pool and jump off diving boards without you. I have a four year old. A four year old who uses the word "actually" correctly in a sentence to correct me. What will I think when he turns 14! Old. Old. Old.

It was about four years ago right now (7:00AM) that I was hangin' with my friends Katie and Matt (as in the Today Show), had just gotten my epidural and my nurse, Awesome Amy (who was getting ready for shift change) said magical words.... "it looks like you'll have a baby by lunch time!" Jack didn't arrived until dinner time and has been unpredictable ever since! Happy, Happy Birthday Jack! We love you so much and I am so happy to be spending your special day with you. Cheers for an exciting and wonderful year ahead!

AND! Happy Birthday to Charlie Man! My nephew turns three today! (yes my sister had a baby exactly 1 year to the day after I did, it's weird, i know!) Jack and Charlie share lots- a great sense of humor, charming personalities AND a birthday!

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