Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday Fun

Calling all Superheroes! We had Jack's bday old school style on Saturday in our backyard. It was 'steamy' but I guess that is better than 'wet.' It was such fun - I definitely got in touch with my inner super hero while planning this party. I wish I could take credit for the ideas (or even give credit- but some of the ideas i found while surfing and can't find the original site- i feel terrible about that). The kids got a goodie bag to equip them for Superhero-dom. They got a cape (girls pink and green and boys black and blue), mask and board book about super heroes. Their first mission to become part of the Justice League was to "vaporize a villain!" We silly stringed villains that were taped to balloons. Once they completed that mission it was on to rescue the kryptonite (glowstix) from the "Batcave" (and by batcave i mean ghetto spray painted box- but do you think that they wanted to jump in the jumpoline - nope they all wanted to play in the silly cardboard box! Why do I buy toys?)

After that we practiced "leaping a building in a single bound" in the jumpoline! The kids were so good and worked up quite an appetite for pizza and cake. My friend Lori made the awesome cake. Remember her from Thomas' party... the one with three kids under three. yeah.... and she showered too. so annoying.

I think I need to go back to work... I had a little too much fun planning... :)

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  1. AWESOME Party! I am sure your son and his friends had a blast.