Wednesday, August 26, 2009

one of the first signs of insanity.

Radnor Trail: 1; Mommy: 0 I'll get you next time RT.

If you told me I was going to partake in a 1/2 marathon I would surely ask which Bravo reality series we would be watching on Saturday... and more importantly why wouldn't we be watching the entire thing.
I am not a runner. I pretend to be one. Don't get me wrong, I love to to go Target and buy cute running shorts and tanks... but since I am really just running in a land of make believe, I have no business agreeing to run a half marathon with my cousin. But somehow she tricked me into it. If you told me I would sign up to run this race I would have laughed (hard) in your face. But, alas, November 14th, to Richmond we trot.... to. run. Nothing a little Lady Gaga and her poker face can't solve.

Note to my boys: If mommy can do this, you can do anything you put your minds to...


  1. It's ALMOST worth it for a trip to Richmond!
    Maybe that's the motivation I need...a goal. Although a 5k might be a better start for me.
    You'll have Radnor trail beat in no time!

  2. I totally agree. Any excuse to get to the R-I-C is worth it.... even if it means upwards of 13 miles. Too bad I have already spent every calorie burned daydreaming about all my favorite Richmond restaurants! Sort of defeats the purpose, no?