Monday, September 7, 2009

I've been MIA again... Lots of doin's around here! We took a jaunt to Richmond to get Jack's haircut (ridiculous, yes.)... oh AND just a coincidence that my neice arrived while we were there! YAY! Miss Emerson Grace has joined this funny farm of a family and we couldn't be happier. You know just as soon as her sweet little toes are big enough for a pedi, Aunt KayKay is going to take her to get one!

The boys and I were staying with my sister (cause that's not stressful at all when you are 10 months pregnant!) and was woken up at around 2:26AM on September 3rd to hear something to the tune of, "We are leaving for the hospital, we'll call ya later!" I had to pinch myself to make sure it wasn't a dream, but as I stumbled downstairs and saw my sister doing that uncomfortable walk I remember all too really was time! And, it just so happens that my sister happens to be a birthing machine. Just a mere 2 hours after leaving the hospital she was holding that baby girl in her hands... Now no labor is easy, but man does she make it look that way. Let's not kid ourselves its painful to get to 10cm anyway you cut it, and there were fears of the not enough time for an epidural... but after all is said and done I don't think she had many complaints. And she looks annoyingly great too! I was so happy we were there and could distract my nephew while his world change just a wee bit.

We were able to be fairly productive while in Richmond as well...Got to most of our favorite eateries in our old stomping ground, saw some old friends, went to our old church. Our very good friends hosted us and all the chaos we bring along. It was so great to see them, eat drink and be merry, and let the kiddies have some playtime as well.

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