Wednesday, January 6, 2010

have you ever heard of something so ridiculous...

I am finally digging out from Christmas... I have backlog of memory posts that I need to craft but in the mean time... I wish I could figure out how to load a pic from my archaic phone because I just don't think words are going to do this justice. Yesterday, while looking beautiful (read: unshowered mismatched and stinky!) at the gym I walked by a woman with not a hair out of place, fully matching gym outfit, sitting at a stationary bike with a gigantic FUR COAT strewn across the back. Really did you need to break out your fur for the gym. I mean i am not one to judge but it did look a little ridiculous, if I do say so myself. Yep, I took a pic. but now I can't figure out how to load it to the computer. Didn't I use to work for not 1, but 2 technology consulting companies...

Now I know I am new to this state up north, but my fleece kept me quite warm and I was happy to shove it in the little cubby to pick up post work out! Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous!
Updated to include the proof! This was the best I could get without looking completely ghetto! (special shout out to ms. bickies for her craftiness getting the photo off my phone!Nicely done.)


  1. Email it to yourself then save it to your computer. I want to see it :-)

  2. I wouldn't dream of taking a fur coat to the gym. In fact, left my coat in the car today because I didn't want to lug it in. Perhaps the weight of the fur was part of her workout?

    As for the picture...I have to send them to my husband on his blackberry and he emails them to me. It's the only way I know and my corporate experience is insurance!

  3. Y'all should have seen it (and me for that matter when I did see it!) I think I laughed outloud... ran like a little school girl to my friend and giggled for the rest of my workout. Just struck me as so funny.

    Thank you, Ms. Bickies! That worked like a charm... i actually have a blackberry that i occasionally use when staffed on a project for my old company!