Tuesday, January 12, 2010

of course I think they're the best

I generally try not to use the blog as a "my preschooler is a black belt AND an honor student" outlet but more as a way not to lose my sanity/remember all the things my brain is trying to forget...For example, Thomas will now be referred to as Houdini and has figured out how to climb out of a buckled buggy at the grocery... yep, now that I am on to his tricks, I catch him before the floor gives him a knuckle sandwich again.

But today, I just can't help it! There are times when your kids take a 1 second break from torturing each other by stealing e/o toys and show you they really do love each other- and man is it sweet! For the past two days Jack has been bringing home these "surprises" for Thomas from school. I am just about to die. Yesterday it was a "Bear" (read: stapled pieces of paper- good thing he told be it was a bear before the big reveal!) and today he put a Curious George paper in an envelope at their writing station and wrote, "Tomus" on it, because "Thomas loves Curious George", natch! I wish they knew they would have SO many more toys if they were this nice to each other all the time!

I mean of course I think they are the best... they're my kids!

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